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Lemon Law

Posted: Feb. 27th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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As if our egos weren't frail enough, Armani has to find the most beautiful people on the planet to sell their clothes. Like we could look like them! Well, maybe that's not entirely true (no, I'm not referring to plastic surgery). Armani's new campaign, Model Style, tells you how to fashion yourself after one of their oh-so-fine models, Nicholas Lemons. Mr. Lemons, who likes basketball and music and refers to his style as "roughed-up urban prep", gives guys everywhere hope for creating that million-dollar look. You can play b-all all day long and bust out some snazzy grooves-which will help-but you only improve your chances with some model worthy duds. Nic's favorites: cargo pants, vintage polos and graphic tees. Get your modelicious wardrobe started with the Retro Polo.($48)-pair your faux vintage polo with theChopper Jean.($130) and you're likely to get asked for an autograph on more than one occasion (just smile and go along with it). The "extreme destruction" gives these jeans an authentic destroyed denim style for that "roughed-up urban" look while the retro polo provides the right amount of "prep".

For LxM Amy Covington
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