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The Skinny on Cellulite

Posted: Oct. 17th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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July 13, 2006-By Erin Skrypek Courtesy of Fashion Wire Daily

Despite having heard a million times that 90% of women - even models - have cellulite, it doesn't make any woman more proud of the "orange peel" skin plaguing our bums and thighs. And the majority of women understand that the fear of cellulite is the unfortunate reason bathing suit companies had to start making swimsuits with those terrifying, frilly spandex skirts attached to them. No one wants to fall victim to those skirts. Never. Cosmetic companies understand this and they want to help.

Fashion Wire Daily met up with representatives from four different companies that believe they have created formulas to help improve the dimpling afflicting women's potentially lovely booties.

Dr. Daniel Maes, Vice President of Research and Development at Estée Lauder, recently improved Estée Lauder's best-selling original cellulite formula, Body Performance Slim Shape + Anti-Cellulite/Anti-Fluid, by adding FluidMotion- Technology to advance the "Contouring Serum."

"Cellulite is caused by the invasion of the dermal component of the skin by fat leading to the development of the "orange peel appearance'," said Maes. And it's also worthwhile to mention that fluid accumulation is a significant contributing factor to skin's puffy appearance, otherwise known as bloating.

"Body Performance reduces the excess of fat accumulated under the skin, and at the same time strengthens the skin structure to eliminate the fat which has accumulated in the skin," said Maes, while FluidMotion- Technology helps to optimize the natural flow of fluids, making the skin appear "more sleek."

Rodial, a London-based company founded by Greek-born, Columbia Business School bred Maria Hatzitefanis, also advocates a fluid reducing assault on cellulite. Her "slimming" gel - Rodial Body Sculpture - contains pomegranate extract, bio marine active and wheat protein to stimulate drainage and break down fatty deposits. "Drink lots of water when you use it," said Hatzitefanis. "In a month you'll see a difference." The Body Sculpture tube even states the product is "clinically proven to help reduce the hip and thigh are by up to one centimeter in eight weeks." Doesn't sound like a lot, but something is better than nothing, especially when it simply involves rubbing a gel on your legs once a day.

Ada Polla Tray, the eldest daughter of Dr. Luigi Polla and Dr. Barbara Polla, founders of Forever Laser Institut, a medical spa in Geneva, Switzerland, and founder of the natural skincare line Alchimie Forever, is a supporter and skeptic of cellulite gel. "I am a realist, and would never expect a cellulite cream to accomplish wonders," said Tray. "There are no miracles in jars! But I do believe a cellulite cream complements a healthy lifestyle and diet and works to tighten up the skin's surface and minimize dimpling."

Tray's product, Q-switch, is a silky gel formula that smells like a healthy mix of guava and ginger. "The maté and guarana, which are more caffeinated per gram than coffee, help to break up the fat deposits," she said. "Marine algae are stimulating and help with fluid retention, and ginger is both a stimulant and an anti-inflammatory - a fabulous cocktail of natural ingredients!"

Peter Thomas Roth, creator of his eponymous clinical skin care line, takes a more scientific than holistic approach to his recently introduced Ultimate Body Sculpting Slimming Gel. He worked to create an ingredient called Lyproeductyl® [a pro-liposome] for his dimple-busting wonder gel.

"Lyporeductyl helps to reduce extra-cellular water and body fat mass while enhancing microcirculation for improved skin texture and elasticity, treating visible skin dimpling while also helping to combat future cellulite formation, " said Roth. "[It] combines the most effective anti-cellulite ingredients - including caffeine, butcherbroom extract and ivy - with a liposomal delivery system that is able to effectively penetrate the skin and deliver the actives to the deepest level of the epidermis."

Given the scientific evidence that cellulite creams appear to work, the act of vigorously putting these miracle creams on your legs helps to encourage your blood to flow and the fat and water in your tissue to move a little. "Massaging from the ankles up to the waist helps with water or fluid retention," said Tray. "Focusing on the buttocks and thighs helps to break up the fat deposits - think of it a very gentle endermologie in your own bathroom."

The bottom line: Get the blood flowing in your body, either via exercise or massage, and if the ingredients in these gels live-up to their hype, then women will be that much closer to never having to face the beach or the pool in a skirted swimsuit.

Courtesy of Fashion Wire Daily
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