Mar. 2nd, 2011

Bally Scribe: The Most Luxurious Shoes in the World

Photo Courtesy of Bally
Bally Scribe is legendary, with a reputation for being amongst the most luxurious footwear in the world, using the highest quality leather and materials.

The Scribe collection is a definitive part of the Bally legacy, which dates back to 1859. Started in 1951 by Max Bally, grandson of C.F. Bally, the shoes remain amongst the most luxurious of the leather goods company, renowned for style and comfort.

Recently, the Scribe line has introduced a bespoke offering. With a keen on the heritage of the Scribe line's style, the custom-made shoes take comfort to an extraordinary new level. They give customers the ability to choose from an astonishing array of colors, styles and materials to make their quality footwear.

Precise care goes into each Scribe shoe, which are made with multiple stitchings to ensure longevity. Each material in the shoe is naturally made, from the cork soles to the leather options, carefully assembled by a craftsman. Bally Scribe bespoke shoes are a very special expression of individuality and luxury.

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