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Artfully Disheveled Ties

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When you hear the name of luxury menswear label Artfully Disheveled, what image comes to mind? Maybe it?s a rugged gentleman with a refined sense of style. That?s the aim of the three men behind the new label that specializes in ties, bow ties, and pocket squares that not only add a touch of class to a man?s outfit, but are also an outlet for him to express his individualism. But the accessories by Artfully Disheveled aren?t anything like your grandfather?s bow ties? these pieces are sophisticated with an unexpected, eclectic twist.

Founded by brothers Chris and Trey Berre and creative director Michael Palmer, Artfully Disheveled is already seeing success after its establishment in 2010. With three collections already in the label?s repertoire, it?s safe to say there?s something for everyone, and not in the generalized sense. The Artfully Disheveled products are unique to give each man the luxury of representing himself in his own way? and with style.
  Artfully Disheveled The Academy
A mix of color and fabrics is used to create the detailed patterns that, with a close look, reveal the most minute and subtle details. It’s the personal touch of these designs that so imminently make an Artfully Disheveled accessory an accent piece to any outfit. But the owners are quick to clarify that while Artfully Disheveled accessories emphasize a man’s style, they do not decide it for him. Pieces run from $20 for pocket squares, $48 for hand rags, $70 for bow ties, and $89 for ties.   Artfully Disheveled The Epicurian
So what pattern will best stylishly exemplify your mood today? The sophisticated vine pattern in “The Academy” would suit well for a work day, while “The Epicurian’s” utensils might be appropriate for a dinner party. Or maybe for a Friday night you feel like matching your tie to your evening plans with the ale barrels stitched into “The Bootlegger.” The endless number of graphics— both sophisticated and cheeky— are versatile enough that you’re sure to find one to fit any event. “Every man should be wearing a piece that expresses his own individualized style,” Palmer says. “Artfully Disheveled is a way for men who may not be style-conscious to have a piece that has a story to it – adopting the piece as his own individualized expression.”

To view the full collection, visit  Artfully Disheveled The Bootlegger

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