Fall Collection by Brunello Cucinelli References the Past

Photo Courtesy of Brunello Cucinelli
In an age where the world is run by technology, Italian luxury fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli brings humanity back into the picture. Like his radical business strategy that puts man at the center of any production process, his 2012 Fall/Winter collection focuses on the person rather than the product.

It is clear when viewing the compilation that his creations are meant to be worn, not just viewed. They have an air of simple comfort, clinging limply to the body. The occasional fur or feather accent emphasizes the beauty that is intrinsic in the clothing, while also adding a new dimension to the cold weather-themed line. The collection does not deviate from that theme — muted colors and soft textures are constant throughout, creating a palette specifically fit for autumn and winter.
Warmth and comfort seem to be the main purpose of the collection, with some of the pieces even appearing unflattering and shapeless. This can be overlooked however, when considering that the focus on the wearer probably has something to do with that famous humanistic philosophy of his. Though the collection obviously stresses the importance of comfort and utility, Cucinelli never completely neglects his great and evident passion for beauty. The occasional masculinity of the woman’s line does not mean it is an ugly collection, there is something effortlessly striking in a good many of the pieces.
Unlike many luxury fashion collections, Cucinelli’s pieces are earth-bound, almost as though they were sprouted out of— not merely inspired by— their Fall/Winter surroundings. The loose-fitting casual wear appears weightless, yet insulating and protective, something that must have been near-impossible to achieve. Clearly, nothing surpassed the consideration for the human wearing the clothing in the creation of this collection.
Christened the "Emperor of Cashmere" by the press, Cucinelli's apparel is for a new kind of working man or woman, reacting against the emphasis on shock-value prevalent on the runway and putting the person at the center of the art. Cucinelli offers aesthetically pleasing comfort in cohesion with his lofty philosophies about beauty and ethical capitalism to those willing to pay for it.

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