Oct. 25th, 2012

Newcomer Makes Debut at L.A. Fashion Week

Maria Korovilas Spring 2013
Photo Credit: Donato Sardella for WWD
One reason why we look forward to luxury fashion shows is that while we get to “ooh” and “ahh” at our favorite established designers, we’re also given the opportunity of being surprised by a few newcomers. This season, one such designer is Maria Korovilas, who graced us with her first collection last week at L.A. Fashion Week. Korovilas’s catwalk, which took place as part of the GenArt show, was full of dresses and skirts— both form-fitting and flowy— with only a couple of trousers in the mix. Needless to say, Korovila’s collection is just one more reason we can’t wait for spring.
Maria Korovilas Spring 2013

When I say Korovilas is new, I mean brand new. The label was only founded in 2012, but the designer knew her vision, as proven by her Spring 2013 line. Through her brand, Maria wishes to change the rules of the industry by essentially creating sophisticated and highly-crafted garments that won’t go out of style or fall apart after one season. That’s why she sticks with classic silhouettes that have proven timeless since their original debut in decades past— quality fabrics and hand-selected embellishments give these lasting styles something special. For her first collection, it’s the lambskin belts and waistbands, knotted fringe on bodices and metal appliques on shoulders that lend an element of surprise to this neutral-colored collection.
Maria Korovilas Spring 2013

Korovila’s Spring 2013 collection, titled “Girl on the Run,” was “inspired through the lens of rose-colored glasses and all that comes with it,” according to the designer. Cotton lace numbers and flowy silk chiffon dresses are prominent, with a fine attention to detail in the trims. Korovila is an expert at letting her fabric do the talking, as the designs seem to be minimal in order to let the fabric shine. Fine lace makes an appearance in both white and navy, in different patterns and laid over neutral fabric. Silk chiffon in slate grey and cream appear in the form of fitted cocktail dresses, high-waisted trousers, and cascading gowns. Finally, subtle, delicate patterns can be found on the free-flowing pieces that just may become Korovilas’s signature.
Maria Korovilas Spring 2013

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