Oct. 26th, 2012

Three Chic Coat Styles to Try This Fall

Photo Courtesy of Katherine Hooker
There are a few reasons why we love fall, and mostó if not alló of those reasons are fashion-related. While sundresses and cut-off shorts are fun and all, thereís really nothing better than snuggling into the coziness of luxury fashion items for fall and winter. And while outerwear should be warm, donít think that you have to succumb to shapeless puffy vests and down jackets to get you through the colder months. There are plenty of chic coat styles out thereó and the best news is that these styles are fashion-forward but also timeless, meaning that youíll get good use out of them for years to come.

Toggle Coat

Toggle coats are great for so many reasonsó their fabric, color, and length options result in an endless amount of variations. Theyíre typically available in a range of materials from cotton to patent leather (ie: adorable yellow raincoat), but we prefer a good heavy wool to avoid the self-inflicted snowball effect that results from wearing too many layers under a light shell. The length of the coat, on the other hand, will not alter the classiness of your look. Available anywhere from hip- to below-the-knee length, the classic style of the toggle coat makes it appropriate for a night at the opera as well as a simple lunch or shopping date.

You have the ability to get creative with the color options hereó weíve seen a lot of plaid and brightly-hued versions this seasonó but we prefer a neutral to make sure this classic coat goes with everything. We love that we can kill two birds with one stone with Banana Republicís camel versionó another trend this season. Available for $225, the coat falls to mid-hip and features a spread collar, front patch pockets, a polyester liner, and even has a hidden zip placket behind the toggles to make sure the autumn wind doesnít slip through the cracks. Photo Courtesy of Banana Republic

Cape Style Coat

So the word ďcapeĒ may evoke images of a Disney princess, but the truth is that when given arm holes and sleeves, this style jacket can actually become very chic. While the beauty of capes is that theyíre loosely fitted, you donít want to settle for one that looks like itís swallowing you whole. The key is to find a design that has a well-thought out silhouette and the right details to give enough shape to a potential fashion disaster. Pair with a fitted bottom like skinny jeans or leggings (NOT loose trousers or skirts) and the bell-shaped coat will give you an adorable silhouette. We love the version by Katherine Hooker, whose lovely back pleat, rich forest hue, and mid-hip length give undeniable class to an otherwise casual autumn look. Photo Courtesy of Katherine Hooker

Cowl Neck Coat

Cowl Necks are awesome becauseó while we love having the opportunity to spice up our outfits with the seasonís amazing luxury scarves, itís important to make sure your chin and neck are covered on even the coldest of days. Whether youíre headed to a formal event and donít want to overdo the accessories or you're running late and donít have the time to put together a well-thought out ensemble, the exaggerated effect on a cowl neck jacket will up the drama of your outfit without effort.

The $570 Copenhagen Coat by RONEN CHEN hits all the marks: a single large button on the left shoulder creates an interesting and asymmetrical hem line, while the pocket detail makes it flattering and, of course, easy to wear. Most important of all, the wool material of this coat will keep you warm and prepared to take on the harshest of winter winds. Photo Courtesy of RONEN CHEN
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