Rinissima: Bespoke Atelier in Florence, Italy

Fashion & Style: Rina Milano, soft spoken and gracious, yet with the unmistakable confidence of a woman of substance who is in control of her craft, is the creator and driving force behind Rinissima.

An Atelier in Florence which offers exceedingly beautiful bespoke clothing, for women who love quality tailoring that goes beyond fashion and time.

I had a chance to meet and speak with her both in her Atelier in Italy as well as in New York, where she comes four times a year to present her newest collection as well as follow up with fittings for her U.S. clients.

The client who comes to Ms. Milano is not looking for a fashion statement per se, but is looking to create her own unique look, guided by the stylists' expertise. As a result, the finished product has Ms. Milano's unmistakable touch, yet represents an integral part of the client's personality. Her flair is for designing and making classic yet chic clothes that are conceived to flatter a woman's figure and personality.

How does one go about having a bespoke dress made? After an initial appointment, the client will meet to discuss what the client is looking for, the style, the type of fabric, and the colors. Ms. Milano only works with the highest quality materials, silks from Como, cashmere from Biella, and lace from France and Switzerland. Her priceless recommendations will ensure a design that emphasizes the fluidity of a sensuous fabric while always suggesting a style to flatter the client's physique.

Ms. Milano's passion is contagious as she proudly shows a piece from her latest collection, pointing out the possible variations, the splendid array of fabrics, shades of color, to such details as the particular stitch used on minute pleats. Indeed, her talent for the finer points of design is exemplified as she eagerly points out the intricately crafted metal buttons which she commissioned an artisan to make just for her.

This is a luxury beyond going into a boutique and purchasing a dress off a rack, this allows one to participate in the making of their very own creation.

Sandra Cemulini

Sandra Cemulini is a travel and gift consultant specializing in Tuscany and Northern Italy. She creates exclusive vacation experiences in Tuscany and Northern Italy as well as bringing clients to the source of luxury goods and masterfully made artisan products in Italy. She writes articles relevant to her travels, food and wine, and extraordinary artisan handcrafted products....(Read More)

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