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Generate: Wild, Wonderful Home Decor

Posted: Aug. 8th, 2007  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Home Decor: Fun and funky, Generate prides itself in partnering with "forward-thinking designers and manufacturers" to offer chic furniture, lighting and home décor products that are distinctly contemporary and a little on the wild side.

For an ultra-modern, totally urban look, there is Generate's collection of lit furniture, such as the Eudora, designed by Critz Campbell. A fiberglass chair upholstered in fabric and encased in resin, the Eudora is illuminated from within. Available as a chair or loveseat, each Eudora is made by hand using the customer's choice of printed patterns or solid colors.

To add a bed of light to regular furniture, there is the LIT, designed by Mark Pohlkamp. Compatible with most furniture, the LIT is secured underneath with special clips. All the customer needs to do is choose a light color, clip the LIT on, and voila!

Décor accessories that are surefire conversation pieces are Generate's specialty. The Little Joseph porcelain candle holder, designed by Maxim Velkovsky and made in the Czech Republic, is a hand-painted bald head that could look "sinister or sweet," depending on one's outlook. Customers can use dripless candles to keep Little Joseph bald, or let dripping candle wax create "hair" in any color.

There is also a wide selection of children's accessories, furniture and lighting, including the P'kolino modular Play Table. The maple components and foam pieces can be fit together in different configurations to suit whatever a child would like to do. Best of all from a parent's point of view, the Play Table requires no assembly!

To view Generate's entire catalog, place an order, or sign up for the company's newsletter, see their Web site.

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