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A Trip to the Dentist Never Tasted So Sweet

Posted: Jul. 16th, 2007  |  By Christina Stewart
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Luxury Dentists: Limousine service. Private chefs. Olympic-size pools. Veneers. Yes that is right, I said veneers. If you're thinking that I'm referring to a five-star resort or a day spa, well...you're only half right. The latest trend in self indulgence goes beyond manis and pedis, holistic massage, and acupuncture and is geared toward making you smile, both literally and figuratively.

With advances in technology allowing us to transform that snaggletooth smile into a set of pearly white chompers, it was only a matter of time before dentistry tapped into the luxury market. Dental spas worldwide are realizing that if their client?le is willing to spend thousands on their smile then they are probably accustomed to leading a privileged lifestyle. The concept makes sense and has made the grueling fear of the dentist a thing of the past.


Serving the North San Diego coastal community of Encinitas, Dr. Gary Braunstein has been a leader in general and cosmetic dentistry since 1979. His extensive background in cosmetic dentistry has been instrumental in delivering what he calls a "smile makeover."

A smile makeover refers to the complete transformation of one's teeth, appearance of gums, and overall smile. With an overwhelming trend in dental spas, and a growing demand for the perfect smile, Dr. Braunstein has adapted his already state-of-the-art practice to fit the needs and accommodate the lifestyles of his patients. Dr. Braunstein has partnered with the award-winning La Costa Resort and Spa, located on 400 rolling acres in the North County coastal community of Carlsbad, California. La Costa Resort and Spa has been a staple in Southern California since its debut in 1965 as the first American full-service spa resort. Like Dr. Braunstein, La Costa Resort and Spa has proven to adapt to the times, made evident by undergoing a recent $140 million renovation. The resort offers its discerning guests lavish accommodations, world-class cuisine, and two PGA championship 18-hole golf courses designed by the famed Dick Wilson.

With its recently revamped spa, boasting more than 28,000 square feet, the La Costa Resort is a serene setting where guests can indulge in a day of pampering and ease the mind as they prepare for their new smile makeover. The spa features 42 treatment rooms with feng shui accents throughout, and amenities such as a Roman waterfall massage, a full-service Yamaguchi Salon, and the world-renowned Chopra Center at La Costa. Dr. Braunstein eases his patients' anxiety by taking the time to schedule all of their personal transportation needs. Whether his patients prefer the classic luster of a Maybach limousine or perhaps the understated elegance of a black town car, he will make certain you are chauffeured between visits in style.

While his flagship office remains in Encinitas, Dr. Braunstein graces the halls of the beautifully appointed Laser Clinique, located in the charming hillside of Caramel Mountain. Laser Clinique offers a wide range of services including spa treatments, cosmetic and surgical procedures, as well as general and cosmetic dentistry. Headed by Dr. Alexander Ataii, Laser Clinique has proven to be a favorite among Southern Californians in part due to its contemporary aesthetics and state-of-the-art facilities. Enlisting help from his brother, Dr. Payam Ataii, who practices at Laser Dental in Laguna Hills, the San Diego practice has become a one-stop shop for anything from Botox injections to porcelain crowns. Laser Clinique has replaced the dreaded drill—reminiscent of a medieval torture device&mdashwith advanced laser technology, making the trip to the dentist virtually pain-free. With an array of specialists just doors down, Dr. Braunstein can work his magic in conjunction with a board certified plastic surgeon to ensure his smile makeover suits both the patients' bone and face structure. Let Dr. Braunstein book your three night stay at the La Costa Resort and Spa and achieve a Hollywood smile, all while in the comforts of one of the most luxurious hideaways on the West Coast.


With a flourishing market for cosmetic dentistry, San Diego offers a variety of practices catering to those with an unfortunate smile. Although it has only been about a year since the Sutra Dental Spa first opened its doors, the Asian-inspired office has already received notable accolades. Adhering to the teachings of Buddhist philosophy, the Sutra Dental Spa offers patients quality dental care in a Zen-like environment. The Sutra Dental Spa combines these teachings with western medicine and proudly practices non-toxic and non-invasive remedies while using only biocompatible materials. As the office's resident dentist, Dr. Jimmy Wu helps patients achieve tranquility by providing a Zen oxygen bar, virtual reality movies, aromatherapy pillows, soothing music, a recovery room with a full body massage chair, and an in-house masseuse.

The desire to obtain a sparkling smile has swept the nation and virtually all corners of the globe. The Smile Spa at Moon River Ranch is the nation's first ranch resort dental spa and offers a distinctive tranquility all its own. Located in the outskirts of Texas, in the charming town of Satin, The Smile Spa offers patients a calm and serenity that could only be found in this rustic neck of the woods. Against a backdrop of cascading waterfalls, lakes, and the rolling Brazos River, this resort is the perfect place to become one with nature while undergoing a complete smile makeover. When scheduled for a smile makeover performed by resident dentists, Dr. Beougher and Dr. Jones, a stay at the ranch is complementary, however enjoying amenities such as a private chef, massage therapy, and renting kayaks will run a little extra.

Head to the windy city for a smile makeover at Dr. Dotson's Dental Spa in Chicago's Roscoe Village. When patients step into the office, their anxiety soon drifts away as the smell of freshly baked bread lingers in the air and the unsightly mess of magazines are neatly replaced with an Xbox video game system. The fashionably chic office provides services, which range from a complimentary 10-minute massage and paraffin treatment to 3-D movies played on personal flat-screen televisions.

Escape the windy city and experience the breathtaking desert landscape of the Southwest. In the midst of a blazing heat wave, patients can seek refuge—and dental work—in the Smile Studio and nationally acclaimed Dental Spa, located in Goodyear, Arizona. Dr. Hoskyns uses the latest technology in tooth whitening, full mouth reconstruction, and what he calls "Smile Design." Smile Design and full mouth reconstruction patients are outfitted in a terry-cloth bathrobe, draped in cashmere blankets, fed a customized lunch delivered on fine china, treated to scented hot-wax mittens, lavender and lemon infused hot towel service, and pampered with an invigorating foot massage by a licensed reflexologist.

To see what true southern hospitality is all about, travel to Dental Bliss in Franklin, Tennessee. And no, Dental Bliss is not an oxymoron but rather a resort-like enclave set on two naturally wooded acres. Complete with two babbling creeks, a 150-year-old spring house, and strategically placed walking trails throughout, Dental Bliss truly captures the essence of its name. Founded by Dr. Randal Garner, a once self-proclaimed dental-phobic, Dental Bliss aims to create a pleasurable experience both in and out of the dental chair. With the melodic harmonies of a baby grand piano as a soundtrack, patients' nerves are instantaneously calmed and put to rest. Akin to a chalet set high in the Alpines, the ambiance is complemented by simple touches such as roaring stone fireplaces, 60-foot vaulted ceilings, an array of fountains and aquariums, aromas of fresh baked breads and cookies, and not to mention a hot stone massage. A winding staircase leads patients to a game room stocked with computers, soft reclining massage chairs, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and more flat-screen televisions than one could count.

With more and more of these dental spas popping up, and with each being more elaborate than the next, there is really no reason to fear your next trip to the dentist. Don't be afraid...just open up and say "Ahhhh."

For LxM Christina Stewart
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Lenna Posted Aug 21, 2011
Son of a gun, this is so hepufll!
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