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ROM Time Machine: For Physically & Fiscally Fit

Posted: Nov. 13th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Exercise Equipment: Recently, I came across a full-page ad in a widely acclaimed upscale-luxury publication for the ROM Time Machine by ROMFab that piqued our interest. According to the manufacturer, it is an exercise machine that provides a full-body workout in less than five minutes. The actual time is 240 seconds or four minutes. Such a claim accompanied by a $14,000-plus price tag prompted us to look a little closer.

The complexly designed machine, which looks like something out of the dream sequence of a movie that is too eclectic for its own good, has two stations that are driven by centrifugal force that steadily increases the strain in accordance to a user's rate of exertion. The first station works the body from the waist up, while the second station deals with the lower extremities.

Albeit it is hard not to be incredulous to the ROM Time Machine being legitimate, there are points to ponder that merit giving it further review. The machine has been produced for over 16 years. It was the winner of the 1991 Popular Science award for the "Best of What's New" in leisure products. Fourteen years later, in July 2005, Forbes magazine reported that the U.S. Navy SEALS, the U.S. Women's Olympic swim team, and the Phoenix Fire Department use this machine. Sylvester Stallone and Tom Cruise claimed to use it too.

There are definitely varying opinions on the Time Machine. Skeptics appear to view it as being comparable to a medieval torture machine straight out of a castle's dank dungeon. All ROMFab, requests is that interested parties read the literature and watch the company-produced DVD before making any final decisions. Interested parties can rent the ROM Time Machine for a month. If purchased, the rental fee is deducted.

Being both financially and physically fit are definite vital pre-requisites to consider before just jumping onto this baby. This one really could make or break you. Who is in?

For LxM James Rothaar
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