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Good Vibes Lead to Weight Loss

Posted: Dec. 29th, 2008  |  By James Rothaar
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Health & Fitness: Here is a "shaking" proposition regarding weight loss and fitness that has industry pundits quaking from their astonishment over the fast results being achieved by users of vibration-training machines. There are several machine models by various manufacturers on the market. The Power Plate pro5 AIRdaptive is at the forefront of this new exercise methodology.

The company guarantees users a lean hard-body physique if they commit to doing three 15-minute workouts a week. The unit has 34 prescribed exercises that address strength training and stretching as well as massage therapies and relaxation techniques.

The vibrations generated by the machine stimulate muscles and prompt quicker muscle contractions that accelerate growth at a faster pace than conventional machines. The company's trademarked technology is called Acceleration Training Technology. The pro5 features a wide range of settings that adjust easily to many body shapes and sizes.

The pro5 AIRdaptive is Power Plate's top of the line vibration-training machine with an accompanying price of more than $10,000. This model is available at Brookstone for $10,500-with free shipping. Additionally, Brookstone has two other units by Power Plate priced at $9,500 and $4,500, respectively. Shake it up!

For LxM James Rothaar
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