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Perfume Studio Master Class at Bloomingdale's

Posted: Apr. 3rd, 2009  |  By Carly Zinderman
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Health & Beauty: Luxury department store Bloomingdale's is collaborating with Scenterprises Ltd., to create The Perfume Studio Master Class, a custom perfume event, one of the latest trends in Europe and now available in the United States.

Bloomingdale's is the first store in the United States to launch a "scentertainment" for their customers. According to Howard Kreitzman, VP Cosmetics and Fragrances, "we continue to strive to offer unique, innovative products that encourage people to enjoy shopping in our stores. The Custom Perfume events are creative, informative, interactive, and customers leave feeling good about their experience."

The classes are conducted by Sue Phillips, President of Scenterprises Ltd. and internationally recognized perfume expert. Sue has launched a number of fragrances, including Avon, Burberrys, Chopard, Davidoff, Diane Von Furstenberg, Lancôme, Oilily & Trish McEvoy, as well as TIFFANY, created to celebrate the company's 150th anniversary. She is also currently USA Director and Distributor of The Perfume Studio from the UK.

The Master Class is like a wine tasting, where customers can experience a 'fragrance journey' to experience 18 different, exquisite perfume blends. Each scent has been created by a world-famous perfumer and are designed to be worn in combination with each other or alone.

Both men and women will enjoy the Master Class' multi-sensory "experiential" experience, which offers relaxing aromatherapy benefits. After men and women experience each blend, they can customize their own unique fragrance. Each participant will receive their chosen scent in an attractive decanter. They will leave with their unique personalized signature fragrance, as well as a Certificate of Registration for ease of reordering.

Being able to create and wear your own scent is an especial luxury during these trying economic times.

The Perfume Studio Master Class is to be held at the newly renovated Cosmetics and Fragrance Department at Roosevelt Field on April 24 at 11am, 3pm, & 7pm and Pre-Mother's day on May 8.

For LxM Carly Zinderman
Luxury Fashion Insider
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