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Sustainable Style From Adidas

Posted: Apr. 13th, 2009  |  By Victor and Mary
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Health & Fitness: Yogis -- You've been working hard. Attending class regularly, knowing when to challenge your body and when to refrain and seeing the benefits both on and off your mat and now you want to look good doing it! Adidas has been hard at work as well, by partnering with Hollywood yoga pro Rainbeau Mars on a new line of elegant yoga attire, that will keep you stylish and green -- and not just in color.

The Rainbeau Mars Signature Collection is Adidas' first sustainable line of attire and the most eco-friendly yoga line on the market. This environmentally conscious collection of yoga pants, shorts, shirts, bras and sandals is made from naturally occurring materials and recycled textiles. The majority of apparel is made from Tencel, a raw material derived from eucalyptus wood harvested in responsibly managed forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. All printed designs found on the attire are water-based and all trims and straps are made from recycled fabric and rubber. Even the insoles of the footwear are made from natural wood pulp.

While being one of the most sought after yoga teachers in Hollywood with a successful line of yoga DVDs and books along with an extensive resume of professional athletes and actors, Rainbeau Mars also serves as a global ambassador for Adidas. She has created this line as part of the Adidas Better Place Initiatve, a program that ensures products come from a sustainable source and are manufactured with high standards for waste and energy management systems.

The signature line, available both in Adidas Sport Performance concept stores and on the Adidas site is designed exclusively for women and does not compromise style for sustainability. "These clothes are soft, colorful and beautiful -- a perfect way to reflect how we should feel about ourselves and the planet," states Mars. The line's design embraces influences from India with unique cuts and a color palette of vibrant orange combined with earthy browns and striking shades of violet.

Thanks to the collaboration of Mars and Adidas in introducing a fully green line of apparel that's also stylish, you will now feel that much closer to nature in your tree pose.

To purchase items from this line, visit the online catalogue.

To read more about Rainbeau Mars visit, www.rainbeaumars.com.

Mary Allen
Owner, Yoga Life
JustLuxe Contributor
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