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Equinox: America's Healthiest Gym

Posted: Oct. 14th, 2009  |  By James Rothaar
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Health and Fitness: Combining many of the elements that epitomize living the luxury lifestyle to its fullest, Equinox is a superstar in the health and fitness industry. This is a fitness forum that knows its customers well, as it is an emporium for self-improvement achieved through the embodiment of living healthier. Apparently, the formula is working quite well, as Equinox is attracting attention both regionally and nationally.

Health Magazine named it "America's Healthiest Gym." New York magazine placed Equinox in its "Best Class," and L.A. Magazine cited the club for having the "Best Spa Treatment." What began in 1991 as an NYC boutique gym, the company has become a nationwide happening with locations in seven states and more than 150,000 members. Boston, New York, Northern and Southern California, Chicago, Dallas, Florida, and Washington, DC, are just a few of the popular sites. Preston Hollow, Tex., is the newest location accepting memberships.

Equinox is a health club for individuals seeking an all-encompassing healthful experience. Along with getting an invigorating workout, members can come in and book a spa treatment or enjoy a healthful lunch. There are four levels of personal trainers available, and plenty of yoga and Pilates courses as well as cycling and spinning classes. Circular-strength training is among the newest form of dynamic group classes being presented. It is a hybrid program that offers participants strength training and cardio, simultaneously. There are special programs for children as well at many of the locations.

While none of the Equinox clubs would be viewed as frill-free gyms, the NYC and L.A. locations are more upscale than the others; it is reflected in the membership fees. Several of the training sessions offered at these sites are comparable to training programs used by pro athletes.

There are numerous celebrities being sighted, too, as notable A-listers, such as Matt Damon, Renee Zellweger, and Hilary Swank have been spotted at various Equinox clubs nationwide. These gyms cater to substance and style with panache.

For more information, visit Equinox.com.

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Cassara Posted Nov 06, 2011
I guess fniidng useful, reliable information on the internet isn't hopeless after all.
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