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Denim Giant Diesel Releases Latest Fragrances For Fall

Posted: Oct. 29th, 2009  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fine Fragrances: Diesel, a brand that became famous for reinvigorating the designer denim industry, is busy continuing their textured history with several exciting developments in the brand's outlook as well as their product lines. Perhaps most recent, and appealing to the senses, are the two new fragrances released for men and women.

Men and women approach their fragrances differently, each meant to declare or highlight a different attribute in the individual, and this is what Diesel is best at: making an undeniable statement.

This fall, that is resolute, unlimited sensuality with undertones of rebellious femininity in the new fragrance developed exclusively for women, Fuel For Life Unlimited.

The energy of the fragrance is high, with an unstoppable quality. The heady scent features combinations of undeniably feminine ingredients and exotic, sweet accents. Calabrian lemon and Mandarin orange serve as fresh top notes with juicy pear and guava providing a fruity crispness. The heart of Fuel For Life Unlimited is a bold licorice, tinted with violet and surrounded by a light, floral body. The entire fragrance is grounded in sandalwood, cedar and a touch of musk.

For men, the name says it all: Only The Brave. A fragrance inspired by visionary artists, icons and rebels, Only The Brave stands as a strong representative of Diesel and its founder, Renzo Rosso.

Only The Brave makes its mark with bold top notes of lemon blossom, mandarin and coriander leaves, making it a nice companion to the brand's recently released Fuel For Life Unlimited for women. At its heart, Only The Brave features the exotic elements of Labdanum and black rose, with a touch of refreshing lavender. Finally, as the fragrance dries down, masculine notes of amber, tolu and ebony wood arise to finish off the scent.

Both the new women's fragrance, Fuel For Life Unlimited, and Only The Brave for men exhibit Diesel's eye for modern design. Immersed in smoked quartz, the glass bottle housing Fuel For Life Unlimited is covered in a woven net, branded with a gold inscription and adorned with a golden sautoir chain, which shows off the fragrance's feminine and rebellious qualities.

But what really stands out is the Only The Brave bottle: an upright, glass fist, modeled after the fist of Renzo Rosso himself. Just as the fragrances inside, each bottle makes an undeniable, strong impact which furthers the Diesel experience. Diesel has innovated the industry continuously with its designs, whether through their jeans or fragrances; upholding their unique yet rigid standards for modern aesthetic.

For JustLuxe Kate Prihoda
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