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Lacoste Releases Newest Men's Fragrance: Lacoste Challenge

Posted: Oct. 27th, 2009  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fine Fragrances: When the American press dubbed René Lacoste "the Alligator," the nickname became the impetus for what is now one of the most globally recognized brand logos in the textile industry. Robert George, friend of René Lacoste, drew a crocodile after the nickname took off, and he had it embroidered on a blazer he wore on the courts.

Soon after, René Lacoste partnered with André Gillier, the owner and president of the largest French knitwear-manufacturing firm of that time, and set up a company to manufacture the logo-embroidered shirt. The shirts were designed for his own use on the tennis court, with some other shirts for tennis, and some for golf and sailing as well.

All Lacoste shirts were originally produced in the creators preferred shade of bright white, and variation of color wasn't added to the brand until much later in 1951, as soon as the brand began exporting its trend-setting clothing to Italy, followed by its distribution to the United States a year later in 1952.

Designed to honor the founder and tennis legend, René Lacoste, the brand released its latest men's fragrance this summer: Lacoste Challenge. True to the player's cool and focused game-play, Challenge is refreshing, refined, and energetic.

The top notes, or "The Serve," begin strongly with fresh tangerine and lemon, expanded by underlying lavender, one of the most classic ingredients in masculine perfumery. The fragrance moves on to the middle accord, "The Volley," and begins to dry down with spicy ginger.

Finally, at "The Baseline," base notes emerge such as precious rosewood and teak, which brings an antique quality to the fragrance. Dark ebony provides the sturdy wood undertones of the scent, aiding in the overall strength and solid foundation of Lacoste Challenge.

René Lacoste was not just an innovator in the clothing industry, but in the sport that he loved and excelled at, as well. He was constantly making adjustments to his equipment to increase efficiency and handling. In the 1920s, he had hundreds of rolls of sticking plaster shipped from the US to wrap around the handle of his racket to improve the grip, an idea that quickly caught on and soon became used throughout the sport.

His inventive spirit is echoed verbatim in the sleek packaging design and presentation of Lacoste Challenge. The bottle is directly inspired by the innovation of the wrapped handle, and is encased in a black "soft touch" grip with the iconic crocodile logo in white. The black grip plays off the bright yellow of the fragrance itself, representing the sport's classic, bright yellow tennis balls and black racket grips.

The fragrance is available in a wide array of forms, such as shave lotion and balm, shower gel and deodorant, in addition to the spray, making any of the products a choice addition to your locker at the gym and the counter in your bathroom at home.

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