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The Essence: Luxury Men's Fragrance by Porsche Design

Posted: Nov. 27th, 2009  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Health & Beauty: Since the introduction of the 911 in 1963, the Porsche name has become renowned all over the world and recognized as a brand synonymous with luxury. The sports car that is now an icon and a design classic was only the beginning.

Expanding his reach in the design world, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche, opened the Porsche Design Studio in Stuttgart, Germany in 1972 and moved it two years later to Zell am See in the heart of the Austrian Alps, where it remains today.

From the Porsche Design Studio, a large assortment of luxury products have been produced over the years, from eyewear to pipes to pianos, all bearing the same level of exclusivity and power of seamless design Porsche is known for.

Porsche Design has set itself apart from other luxury brands by focusing its strengths on ?the streamlined object?: a piece designed to simply suit its purpose, therefore making it ?perfect?. This drive to create timeless and innovative pieces has been the biggest force behind the design team, and has lead them to create a line of products both personal to a man and indicative of his personality.

So The Essence by Porsche Design was created, the first fragrance conceived and produced by Porsche Design. But The Essence was developed into more than just an Eau de Toilette, but an entire line, encompassing all parts of a man's grooming regimen.

Top notes of The Essence by Porsche Design include an ingredient totally unique to the brand and created at the hands of some of their most talented designers, Anne Flipo and Bruno Jovanovic. The ingredient, and also the strongest of the top notes, is "Arcticle," a chilly and metallic element that is tempered by the secondary, soothing alternative top notes of Juniper and Myrtle.

But even though the top notes are very dominant, the middle notes rise to the challenge to temper these, and warm the, at first, cool fragrance to a more tepid scent. Spicy and energetic black pepper, sustained by crisp tones of Russian Coriander leaves and Siberian Pine, clearly taking advantage of Porsche Design's knack for innovation.

Finally, as The Essence begins its dry-down, its first icy impression has changed to reveal warm, woody accents of Patchouli and pine balm. Combined with an underscore of subtle incense, the fragrance has demonstrated its complexity by nearly changing its character and moving from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Echoing Porsche Design's iconic design aesthetic, the bottle that holds The Essence is as much an experience as the fragrance itself. Sleek black lines encircle clean, uninterrupted blue glass, which creates a simple, utilitarian finished product that lets the scent speak for itself. As an entirely aesthetic experience, Porsche Design has once again performed exceptional execution and brought a little more luxury to the Porsche Man's life.

For JustLuxe Kate Prihoda
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