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Clark's Botanicals: Organic Skincare Makes The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Nov. 8th, 2010 | Comments 1 | Make a Comment   
Health & Beauty: Clark's Botanicals are the perfect gift for luxury beauty lovers this holiday season — even the packaging is forest green. Not to mention that the soothing formulas provide plenty of moisture for dry, winter skin and a heart-warming story to read by the fire.

After company founder Francesco Clark suffered a crippling spinal cord injury in a pool diving accident, his central nervous system was impaired, and Francesco lost the ability not only to walk and to feel, but also to sweat, which led to clogged pores and chronic breakouts.

To find a product that would help, Franceso turned to his father, Dr. Harold Clark, a physician trained in both traditional Western medicine and homeopathy. Together they developed Clark's botanicals.

"Clark's Botanicals is an organic part of me and my recovery," says Francesco, "everything about this line has a purpose and reason for being, from the ingredients to the packaging to the contribution to medical research, it's an expression of who I am in its purest form."

Since its inception, Clark's Botanicals has won numerous awards and accolades, thanks to the greatly effective and prettily packaged line of products.

My favorite part of the line is knowing the thought behind the development of each product in the line.

For example, Francesco explains that the Anti-Puff Eye Cream was created because "I had really dry skin around my eyes, and wanted a product that would quickly de-puff and revive this tired-looking skin. I wanted this product to be not only soothing, but also long lasting throughout the day. I also use it for dry patches outside of the eye area, or even razor-burn."

The Ultra Rich Lip Tints have a girly glow inspired by special women in Francesco's life, and the widely popular Ultra Rich Lip Balm. Each shade has a magical story behind the color and each one is smooth and never sticky and actually helps improve the appearance of the lips.

Clark's Botanicals can be found at www.clarksbotanicals.com, as well at the beauty counter of Sak's Fifth Avenue.
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Mayo commented on November 9, 2010

What you put on your skin can either help it or harm it - and the entire body - depending on what's in the product. Therefore, it's important to consider the ingredients in ALL the products you use - like those on your hair and body as well as your face. 
The best treatments for any age or type skin are not the most expensive ones, but rather gentle ones that are effective - those with the highest-quality ingredients, not the highest price. Chemicals are not gentle or effective. In fact, research is showing that a buildup of chemicals on the skin can cause acne, dryness (which leads to prematurely aging skin) and skin cancer.
 With so many manufacturers using chemicals in their products, almost any product - cleansers, moisturizers, shampoos, shaving creams, conditioners, hair gels, sunscreens and makeup - can be causing breakouts on your face and body. 

Here's a page that shows what to look for (or avoid) in skin care products http://www.best-mens-skin-care.com/organic-

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