Sweat it up in New York City October 13

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For a lot of people, exercise is generally unpleasant, it puts a strain on your body, and all you get are sore limbs and a few endorphins out of it. So unless you are Michael Phelps, why bother? Well if you are in New York City on Saturday October 13, you'll get the chance to participate in a luxury fitness event. That day marks the first Sweaty Saturday, a day New York’s latest and most fashionable exercise studios have graciously agreed to devote to educating the public on how fun working up a sweat for a good cause can be.

The event is a showcase of many of the latest in fitness today. Boutique fitness is the theme of the event, exercising as a group rather than an individual is something that has recently become very popular. There will be cycling, pilates, and even a plank contest. There will be more than 26 studio participants, offering you and other do-gooders the opportunity to try out their freshest routines. Caroline Levy Limpert of FITiST told Vogue about the available activities, “It is more engaging, more efficient, and a better experience than the traditional gym.”

As proof, the Sweaty Saturday site presents examples of people who will be exercising with you. All very attractive, very fit people, who really don’t need to be working out any more, yet will, because Sweaty Saturday is fun. A portion of the proceeds also goes to Healthcorps, a non-profit organization that specializes in preventing childhood obesity. So even if you still hate exercise, at least do it for the fat kids, they need you.

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