From Beyoncé to Gwyneth Paltrow: These are the 9 Best Diet Secrets of Your Favorite Celebrities

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You’re two weeks into your “New Year, New You” plan. Right about now the luster and excitement of those sparkly resolutions is starting wearing off, and most people are trying to find the motivation to keep going. Sometimes it seems impossible to meet those fitness goals, but remember you’re not doing it alone. Just like the rest of us, celebrities have to work on shedding pounds and getting toned, which is why we turn to them when we're looking to get tips and tricks on diet, exercise and clean eating. Women like Miranda Kerr, Beyoncé and “The Body” Elle Macpherson have some of the best physiques in the business, and they use everything from mushroom diets to sex to get those killer bods. Here are nine of the best diet secrets from your favorite celebrities.


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Have Sex Like Miranda Kerr

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel and mom Miranda Kerr has always been very outspoken about her organic diet (she even has her own organic skincare line), so it might come as a surprise to know that clean eating isn’t her only secret to staying slim and trim. “The more sex I have, the more defined my arms and stomach get,” she told GQ UK. “One thing I've noticed is now that I'm having less sex my body isn't as toned.” If you’re not feeling particularly turned-on after a sweaty, hour-long run, she also recommends consuming a spoonful of unrefined coconut oil every day.


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Go Vegan Like Beyoncé

Queen Bey is well known for her maple syrup and lemon juice cleanse that she used to slim down for her role in Dreamgirls, but more recently she’s been using vegan diets to maintain her killer figure. Of course, that doesn’t mean she’s sworn off meat for good. The singer maintains a vegan diet for 22 days to lose some of those extra pounds before slowly incorporating meat back into her diet. She’s such an advocate of the program that she even created 22 Days Nutrition, a vegan meal delivery service that she co-owns with her trainer Marco Borges.

Stay Alkaline Like Elle Macpherson

Elle Macpherson, Victoria Beckham and Jennifer Anniston all swear by the Alkaline Diet, a method of eating that excludes any acid-forming foods like meat, coffee or dairy. The goal is to keep the body’s pH between 7.35 and 7.45 through clean eating of vegetable and non-acidic fruits. The diet is supposed to result in clearer skin, fat loss, increased concentration and higher energy levels. Of course if these women are any indication of the results we should expect to see, then sign us up—we can live without our daily dose of Starbucks.


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Drink Green Tea—and Vodka—Like Carine Roitfeld

Fashion Editor Carine Roitfeld keeps herself looking svelte and toned with a diet high in green tea. She avoids fad diets for the most part, crediting her physique to her busy Parisian lifestyle, but does focus on what kind of beverages she’s consuming throughout the day. “I’m very low key with my body because I don’t diet…I drink green tea all day long, and at night I drink vodka,” she told Stylecaster. “I’m not an alcoholic, but I do love vodka.” To offset the high-calorie nightcaps, she practices ballet as a form of exercise.

Train That Waist Like Kim Kardashian

Kim K. is known for having a body that all men want and all women envy, so when she turned to corseting her waist as a way of retraining her figure after the birth of North West, people took notice. Even new mom Jessica Alba followed Kim’s lead after her struggling to lose some of her own post-baby weight. “It was brutal; it’s not for everyone,” Alba told Net-a-Porter’s The Edit. “I wore a double corset day and night for three months. It was sweaty, but worth it.” Months later she was gracing magazine covers again and never looked better. While it worked for both of these celebrity mom’s, talk with a doctor before trying at home for yourself as it’s definitely one of the more extreme weight loss plans.


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Cleanse Like Gwyneth Paltrow

No celebrity diet list would be complete without mention of Gwyneth Paltrow. She constantly outlines her diets and clean eating habits on Goop, but after a holiday season of desserts and drinks (or any indulgence) she relies on her 21-day elimination diet. It’s a pretty strict regimen (a breeze for Paltrow, but a little more difficult for us mere mortals) that consists of super clean eating (think raw kale), herbal laxatives (it is uncomfortably specific about how often your bowl movements should be) and short periods of fasting. When done correctly, it will remove toxins and allergens from the body, increase energy and repair bodily functions. Weight loss is just an awesome side effect.


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Only Eat 5 Things Like Eva Mendes

Megan Fox, Jessica Simpson, Alicia Keys and Ryan Gosling’s baby-mama Eva Mendes all follow the 5-Factor Diet which encourages cooking with only five ingredients. The program, developed by celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, has a strict exercise regimen, but they key to losing weight with this diet is only using five ingredients or less for five meals. Of course this doesn’t include pre-packaged foods or sugar, but there is a cheat day included so you can indulge on pizza every now and then.


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Eat Nothing But Mushrooms Like Katy Perry

This is probably the weirdest diet we’ve heard of. The M-Plan Diet, a favorite of Katy Perry’s, is a program that consists of mushroom-based dishes intended to slim down the body while maintaining a woman’s curves. By replacing one meal every day for two weeks, the fiber in the mushrooms can leave you feeling fuller longer, improve bowl function and help you lose weight in stubborn areas like hips and thighs. While experts are on the fence about whether or not it actually works, replacing one meal a day with low-cal veggies doesn’t seem like a bad idea.


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Indulge Like Martha Hunt

Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt has a pretty intense exercise routine (along with all of her fellow Angels), but instead of hopping on board with the latest gym fad, she sticks to a healthy balance of diet and exercise—unless of course it’s the holidays. “I think it is really important to indulge on the holidays, I think that we all deserve that, I think that the more you worry the more it’s a problem,” she told Self. “When I am home I always take long walks after the big Christmas meal or sometimes I will jump rope, I haven’t done that in a long time. But I’ll jump rope at home if I eat too many cookies or whatever. You have to have a little bit of guilt free indulgence over the holidays.” Nobody’s perfect. 

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