Jan. 5th, 2009

A Self Care Affair

******HAIR AWARE******

Eufora International Hair Care Products
Eufora International, a company known for its organic Aloe Vera Gel hair formulations, takes eco-conscious hair care very seriously. Since 1997, the company's unique blends have protected, preserved and promoted hair health with pure aromatic essential oils in combination with the most advanced botanical, vitamin and non-carcinogenic ingredients available - those with scientifically proven benefits to the hair, scalp and skin. Eufora has introduced a line of non-carcinogenic products that I've come to use and love. Its Urgent Repair Shampoo ($23), a biodegradable detoxifying cleansing treatment, gently removes dulling and damaging build-up and prevents further damage from heat styling and environmental stresses. The Urgent Repair Replenishing Treatment ($23) is a wonderful intensive repair for dry or damaged hair. Guilty as charged. Eufora's Curl'n Defining Solution and Spray Revitalizer (both $20) team up to manage curls and waves - for those lucky enough to have them - by creating humidity/frizz resistant, touchable curls that hold their pattern. Both leave-in formulas add shine and moisture to dry, dull hair without leaving hair crunchy or tacky. Love that! (

Hamadi EcoPac
This travel-size package of 100% organic hair care lets you take your green beauty regime on the road! Created by top Beverly Hills celebrity hairdresser Jamal Hamadi for use on his personal A-list clientele, the eco-chic Hamadi EcoPac, which retails for $30, contains 2 oz. sizes of the Hamadi Ginger or Honey Soymilk Hair Wash, Shea Rice Milk Conditioner, and Healing Serum. The hair wash is gentle enough for every day use, hydrating without weighing hair down. The conditioner is for all hair types, formulated to smooth, moisturize, nourish and fortify. The Healing Serum is "rehab for hair" - a leave in treatment to replenish the look and health of damaged hair. And, the lightweight, all-natural woven pouch in which the bottles are encased can even be used as a wash cloth. How convenient! So whether at home or on the road, the Hamadi EcoPac will ensure your hair looks and feels its absolute best without compromise to Mother Earth. (

******BODY CONSCIOUS******

Auriderm Clearing Gel and Post-Op Relief
With its Clearing Gel ($40), Auriderm harnesses topical vitamin technology to diminish spider veins - those unsightly, small, thread like veins most often seen on the surface of the skin. They are often formed when a tiny pinhole tear occurs in a capillary beneath the surface of the skin allowing the blood to leak and pool beneath. Auriderm Clearing Gel can help to strengthen the capillary walls on the face and body to prevent future leakage, and reduce or eliminate blood that has pooled underneath the skin. Auriderm's unique patented ingredient, Vitamin K Oxide, activates the body's natural healing process to help eliminate the unsightly reddish-blue discolorations. If you're planning a surgical nip or tuck, strongly consider Auriderm's Post-Op Gel ($25) to promote post-procedural healing and improve the appearance of bruising. Auriderm's Post-Procedural Relief Kit ($40), which combines the Post-Op Gel with Arnica Montana Tablets, can actually the recovery time of post- procedural bruising and swelling in half. These Auriderm post-op products, available at physician's offices, will make you look and feel better, faster. (

The Joy of Soap
All soaps are not created equal! The soap you use makes all the difference in how your skin looks and feels - a fact The Joy of Soap knows all too well. The company produces a wonderful line of all natural organic soaps that are handmade from scratch. No chemicals or fragrances are used, but rather only floral essences and natural botanicals that will leave your skin smelling incredible. Trust me...people will notice! Available scents include Gardenia Goosebumps, Peppermint Passion, All Night Almond and Feeling Frisky. What's more, green thinkers will be happy that The Joy of Soap's packaging is made from recycled and recyclable materials. At just $3.50 for the 2oz bars and $7.50 for 5oz bars, this soap is something to be joyful about indeed. (

Flawless Fingers
When one considers beautification strategies, they best not forget their fingers - among the first things on our bodies others see...and judge. Luckily with Flawless Fingers' disposable nail polish applicator ($15 for 3 also with universal bottle cap), your nails can look salon-fresh as if they were painted by a pro. We gals know that lacquering our own nails can be extremely difficult and messy, but this innovative nail polish "guide" actually prevents the polish from coming into contact with your skin as you apply it. Save yourself time and skip the salon - paint those nails yourself and look just as fabulous. (

Citra Formaldehyde Free Nail Strengthener
Before you paint those nails, ensure they are as healthy and strong as possible so that you can truly put your best hand forward. Nail Tek, Inc.'s Citra Formaldehyde Free nail strengthener ($15) actually increases the production of nail-producing cells using a natural citrus based ingredient - citral - instead of formaldehyde, the more commonly used strengthening agent. Citra Formaldehyde Free promotes a healthy approach to the growth and repair of the nail, and it has been clinically proven to help increase flexibility and durability while maintaining the nail's natural moisture balance. This nail strengthener, which may be used regularly as a basecoat and topcoat, comes in three distinct formulations based on differing needs: Formula 1 to maintain already strong, healthy nails, Formula 2 for soft, peeling nails to thicken and promote growth, strength and flexibility, and Formula 3 for dry, brittle nails to replenish natural moisture and make it stronger and more stress resistant. (

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- Merilee Kern
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