Complete, Luxury Body Care by London-Based Molton Brown

Health & Beauty: On South Molton Street in London's Mayfair, a flagship salon opened in 1973 that would forever change the scene of salon and body care. At a time when London was focused on synthetically produced products and cookie cutter hairstyles, Molton Brown emerged with the sole purpose of taking a road much less traveled.

With the intention to create hairstyles that would flatter the individuality of the client as well as pamper the senses at the same time, Molton Brown departed from the average salons of the time. Their unique mission statement and original products, made from natural components such as nettles and chamomile, had patrons flocking to Molton Street in no time.

Their first products were hand-mixed in a small "lab" above the salon, where natural ingredients were combined to create their first retail products. Above the boutique is where the first stages of innovation took place at the hands of Dale Daxon Bowers of Mary Quant cosmetics, who joined the team bringing her passion, creativity and penchant for perfection to the art of creating top-tier, luxury products for the salon.

Today, nearly forty years after the opening of the original Molton Brown hair salon, the brand has much more to offer its dedicated customers than just hair care. They have expanded their reach to the entire body with body therapy collections for both men and women.

Molton Brown's distinct approach to each of their clients made an impeccable foray into the luxury grooming industry. From skincare to men's razors, Molton Brown has covered the spectrum from men to women, head to toe.

Quintessential Molton Brown products can be found in their body therapies collections, each with a different aim and purpose. Whether your problem is dry skin and your interest intense moisture, or relieving a long day's worth of skin-stress with relaxing and luxurious treatments, Brown has created an ideal remedy.

Both the Purify and Nurture collections work hard to bring lifeless, tired skin back to its full-glowing potential. Anti-oxidants invigorate and rejuvenate the skin in the Purify collection, and blends of polyphenols and tannins offer ultimate soothing in the Nurture collection. Ideal for that end-of-the-day unwind would be, naturally, the Unwind collection to aid and cool sore, neglected feet, legs and ankles that take such a beating during an average workday.

Finally, before sojourning to those bed sheets, the Sleep collection prepares your body for a restful night with a combination of sleep-enhancing products such as potent essential oils of Moroccan Atlas Mountain cedrus, Bulgarian lavender and sweet Florida orange oil.

While a lot of luxury body care companies market solely to women, Molton Brown caters to both men and women's needs, just as their salons do with unique and distinct styles. This month, Molton Brown has debuted a new collection designed to offer the 21st century man a complete body care and grooming range. The collection features a combination of re-engineered cult favorites and new innovations, such as three different ways to shave, the old favorite black pepper body wash, and a complete skincare system including the new moisture-rich aloe and karité ultrabar, the deep-clean mineral ions facewash and skin-clear jade face exfoliator.

Molton Brown has pioneered better ways to take care of your skin, hair and body altogether for nearly thirty years, with their technologically advanced and natural products. By providing a wide array of collections, comprised of results-driven products, Molton Brown has seen success all over the world, creating fans of their lavish remedies at their first use.

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