Feb. 12th, 2010

Whoopie!: Delicious Smelling Body Creme by Farmhouse Fresh

Health & Beauty: “Let them eat cake” is the quote inscribed on the box containing Whoopie!, by Farmhouse Fresh. And that’s exactly what I wanted to do the moment I opened this delectable jar of cake batter – oops, I meant body cr?me. Absolutely delicious smelling, every girl in the JustLuxe office was clamoring to slather their hands in this new found luxury. Whoopie! is indeed luxurious. Extremely thick, the cr?me is ultra-hydrating and left my skin (and everyone else’s) very smooth.

“A jarful of joy, it’s reminiscent of the home baked Whoopie Pies made famous by farmers of yesterday who would shout with joy, ‘Whoopie!’ when they found the heavenly desserts in their lunch pails. We wanted every woman to be this excited about their go-to body cream.” states Shannon McLinden, CEO of FarmHouse Fresh® brands. “Just slightly sweet, the smell is heavenly and alluring, and it makes a delectable final touch for spas using Whoopie! professionally to provide a relaxing foot or body massage.”

Whoopie! contains a supple blend of Shea and cocoa butters, jojoba seed oil, soybean oil, aloe and vitamins A and E. The butters and oils soften and soothe even the severest of dry, chapped skin, while helping to improve the skin’s elasticity. The aloe and vitamin E also help to calm skin irritations and sunburns. Whoopie! is also paraben and sulfate free –- a big plus with all of the research now showing links between parabens (that are in almost every lotion your cabinet right now) -- and cancer.

If you enjoy sweet scents and are on the hunt for a truly hydrating body cr?me, Whoopie will not disappoint.

Whoopie is available for purchase at a variety of spas across the country, Glen Ivy Resorts and FarmhouseFreshGoods.com.
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