Runway Hair Secrets by Jet Rhys ... JET, SET, GO

Health & Beauty: Volume at the Spring 2010 runway shows ascended to new heights. As well as Hollywood is jumping on the glamorous new heights of hair. The advantage up-up-and-away to a new altitude slims your face and elongates your body for a taller, more fabulous appearance. Potentially a pre-stratosphere ceiling: Longer, heavier hair needs a strong set to hold volume for an entire day — let alone all through the night. Time for a Jet Set, from Jet Rhys of Jet Rhys Salon, San Diego, CA.

It’s key to prep first: Prime locks with volumizing shampoo and conditioner, then towel dry and apply a quarter-sized amount of L’oreal texture expert Infinium 3 strong hold working spray (Jet’s personal fave). Since most thickeners are heat-activated, speed blow-drying time by working strands’ undersides, then the surface, and finish with a large-sized Marilyn boar-bristle brush.

Now steal a runway secret by curling your hair to create extra texture. For a Jet Set, wrap four jumbo-sized hot rollers in the interior sections only — leave the hairline free. Mist with a little spray and wait for rollers to cool completely before you unwind. The final touch for super sizing hair, Backcomb underneath the crown for a mega-volume boost, then smooth the surface for a flawless finish.

“When keeping the sides up and away from your face, clip them up and mist on hairspray lightly,” adds Jet. “Let the spray dry before ever-so-gently pulling the clips away.”

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