Atelier Cologne: Unisex Scents for Spring

Health & Beauty: My first memory of wearing perfume is splashing some good ol' Malibu Musk on my gangly neck on the way out the door to my seventh grade dance. I remember my first boyfriend wore Drakkar Noir on our date to the roller rink. Every time I catch a whiff of either of those scents, it takes me back to those wonderful memories of awkward teenage years. This must explain why I am so obsessed with Atelier Cologne. Each of the five unisex citrus-based scents in their Colognes Absolues collection depict five characters and are crafted to capture powerful memories; Orange Sanguine (sporty), Grand Néroli (romantic/flirty), Bois Blonde (flirty), Tréfle Pur (romantic/flirty), Oolang Infini (exotic).

Founded by Sylvie Ganter, who built infamous brands for FRESH and Herems, and Christophe Cervasel-founder and former International CEO of Selective Beauty, which created/designed/distributed designer fragrance, e.g., Zac Posen, John Galliano and Agent Provacateur - Atelier Cologne strives to make scents that are highly concentrated (12-20%) which makes the scent last longer, are entirely citrus based (typically here around the orange) and that give you the essence of "home." The Colognes Absoules collection launched last month at Neiman Marcus and each scent is perfect for making lasting memories of spring.

Kristi Brooks

Upon completion of her degree in Fashion Design from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise (FIDM), Kristi Brooks worked in the wardrobe departments for celebrity entertainment programs such as Entertainment Tonight and The Insider as well as The Hallmark Channel network. In addition, Kristi has been a style contributor for E! News and TV Guide Channel, along with several local network morni...(Read More)

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