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Vixen Hill: Cabana Splashes Up Outdoor Luxury

Posted: May. 27th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Outdoor Home Furnishings: With the summer season upon us, many homeowners are making improvements or upgrades to the exterior of their luxury residence for entertaining outdoors. While we have provided many suggestions and recommendations to personalize or redo the "Great Outdoors" of fanciful dwellings with elaborate outdoor cooking and refrigeration setups, numerous outdoor furnishings, and several landscaping and gardening options. Believe it or not, we have another one for this summer. Since everyone wants one while lounging around the pool at a resort, why not have a cabana at home too?

While the word "cabana" stems from the Medieval Latin term "capanna," which means a hut, a custom-built, 200-square-foot structure brimming with creature comforts makes for quite the haute hut. A product that caught our attention is Cabanas by Vixen Hill. The company makes cabanas that are available in red cedar, copper, or painted aluminum. The interior is customizable and the roof can be rectangular, octagonal, or square.

"The Cabanas" roofs and wall panels create a perfect space for changing, entertaining and off-season storage," said Christopher Peeples, president and founder of Vixen Hill. He further added, "Poolside, porch-side or lakeside, the Vixen Hill Cabana is the ideal accessory to improve the standards of any outdoor makeover. It changes the backyard from average to extravagant."

The price for a 192-square-foot Vixen Hill Cabana with no floor, a copper roof, and screened inserts is $11,945. There also are larger models available, up to 256 square feet, which stretches out to 16 feet by 16 feet.

Vixen Hill is an outdoor home furnishings expert that offers numerous items, such as gazebos, garden houses, pavilions, teahouses, porch systems, outdoor showers, cabanas, arbors, pergolas, shutters, and proprietary hardware.

While we're talking about it...

San Francisco-based Modern Cabana (www.moderncabana.com) makes cabanas in various sizes ranging from 120 square feet (10 ft. x 12ft.) up to 160 square feet (10 ft. by 16 ft.). The standard 120-square-foot model begins at $9,500, while the base price for the 160-square-foot option is $18,400. The company is thinking big with its latest cabanas, a cavernous 325-square-foot model with a starting price around $28,500. Gazebo Creations (www.gazebocreations.com) is another good source for virtual-window shopping.

Many residential cabanas are made from red cedar or vinyl. We found that the ones made of vinyl tend to be the most expensive. Keep in mind that flooring and installation are generally not included in the base price. Although many cabanas are modular units designed for easy assembly, do you really want the assembly of your $15,000 cabana in the hands of a determined DIY or a licensed professional who guarantees the work is done right? This is a decision that we strongly recommend be made unanimously by the king and the queen of a household. Proceed with caution, fellas!

Visit the Home Décor section of JustLuxe.com to read about more luxury outdoor-living products.

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Alex Posted Aug 05, 2008
As with a previously posted comment on your article, I have been looking for a more comfortable way to spend time somewhat outdoors and yet not completely in the open, after seeing costs of additions and or Florida room's I am now sure a Cabana is the classy and more affordable way to accomplish my needs. I will now contact Vixen Hill for a brochure.
Tim T Posted Jul 21, 2008
I find myself shopping for a similar Cabana as offered in this article, only 1 year after building an addition/Florida room for3 times as much that holds furnishings that are never used. After numerous attemts of lessor quality Cabanas ,overhangs, and makeshift yents we constantly use we realize a Cabana would have saved us from spending and given us all the comforts we require for poolside entertainment. Wish iI had known sooner!!!
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