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Latest Trends in Luxury Bathrooms: Appeal to the Senses

Posted: Jun. 20th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Home Décor: Based on the fact that over the course of a lifetime, the average person spends more than a year and a half in the bathroom, filling this room with everything needed to create a serene environment is undoubtedly a priority for the luxury home owner.

A current trend arising in the world of luxury bath decorating and design is products that are being created with the goal of appealing to a variety of senses. Kohler demonstrates this trend with the Fountainhead VibrAcoustic tub. Known for their stylish and distinctive designs, Kohler has been a long time leader in developing cutting edge creations for the modern luxury bath. The VibrAcoustic remains consistent with this approach by incorporating LED lights, music and vibrations into a tranquil experience. The bath creates a singular sensation by literally immersing the bather in music and sound vibrations with pre-set compositions. As music fills the air above water, the pulsating waves penetrate the body below the surface. Those who have their own compilations of soothing sounds can stream songs through the bath for a personalized escape.

Another pioneer integrating LED lights into luxury bathroom design is Gessi, creating a breathtaking display of form and function in the Rettangolo Color bathroom faucet. The Italian company perpetuates its country's reputation for high style on the fashion runways and in the car showrooms -- now moving the chic elegance into the luxury bathroom. The Rettangolo Color provides a beautiful visual as the water flows through the shallow chrome trough and gently cascades over the faucet lip. Paired with this is an LED light display that not only adds to the style, but aids water and energy conservation. As water passes through, the temperature sensitive light displays shades of blue, purple or red to reflect the water temperature. The distinguished design turns the vanity into a living, flowing work of art.

Several examples of how the bathroom design theory is moving towards appealing to more senses than the eye. This emerging trend combines cutting edge technology and innovative design, tailored to fit the most discerning luxury homeowner. What more does one need?

Rachel Rusnak
Luxury Lifestyle Writer
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Tina Posted Aug 05, 2008
I just recently decide to renovate our home or empty nest as some referred it , I find myself leaning toward knocking out a wall between my spare room and master bath in order to achieve a Luxurious master sweet. After much investigation I find my homes value will increase even having 1 less room. Who would have thought the lieu is more important real-estate than a bedroom?
Barbra Posted Jul 22, 2008
My husband believes we bought our home because of my bathroom--or the master bath as he calls it, even though all his toiletries are in the hall bath. I absolutely love the lighting features the aroma fountain the marble floors and granite counters, I even like the sound of the lieu. Modern technology has made my bath as comfortable as my family-room. If ever a need for change comes about spice up your bathroom you will never regret it.
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