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William McWhorter: Interior Design Guru

Posted: Sep. 25th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Home Decor: William McWhorter has been an interior designer since birth. He is a former president of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Los Angeles chapter, as well as a longtime member. He has his own company, which works with luxury-loving clients and he also works on other projects, including those for ASID and also helps restore historical homes.

When William was around eight years old, he got his first opportunity to see what it would be like to work as an interior designer. His parents were remodeling and they asked young William to help them select some of the materials, like tile and design some of the cabinetwork.

After his interest was first piqued, he pursued his interest, becoming a member of ASID, before it was even called ASID. He explains, "ASID exists to further the profession of interior design and the ethics and professionalism, and good taste and good design and what designers do to improve peoples' lives. I was a member of AID back in 1967, which was the organization before ASID. Back in those days (laughs) if you weren't a member then you really didn't get decent jobs. And because it was considered the epitome of the profession to belong to the organization."

He has been working in the design field long enough to understand the importance of the relationship between client and designer. If you are interviewing interior designers, he advises you ask the following questions before committing:

Do you have the time to take on my project?

How many projects do you usually work on at one time and are you able to handle my project? That should be one of the first questions.

Also the client should ask to see the designer's book/portfolio and, although you may not see exactly the room that would be right for you, it will show the designer's scope.

A relationship between the designer and the client is exactly that; a relationship. It involves trust. And the reason the client comes to a designer and finally selects a designer after interviewing several people is because they have selected someone that they have narrowed it down to and that they trust that that designer knows what he or she is doing. And they have to place their trust in that person.

When he's not working on making elegant luxury interiors, William enjoys being a part of the Doheny Mansion project. He explains, "The Beverly Hills Garden and Design Showcase has been a joint venture between the city of Beverly Hills and ASID to raise money for the restoration and preservation of the Greystone Estate. Each year ASID designers decorate and furnish the rooms and the house is seen by over 10,000 visitors during a three week period. Being passionate about historic architecture, it was only natural for me to jump on the bandwagon and do rooms there. The first year I did Mr. Doheny's suite and the following year I partnered with a fellow ASID colleague to do the billiard room, the social secretary's room and the bowling alley, which was newly restored by Paramount Studios when they filmed "There will be Blood." Last year, I did Mrs. Doheny's suite. It is a labor of love for me. My dedication led me to become a member of the board of directors of the Friends of Greystone."

William's expertise allows him to preserve the integrity of the built environment as well as pay attention to the needs of the client and project.

Learn more about ASID at www.asid.org

With special thanks to www.architecturaldetailgroup.com

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Evgenia Posted Jul 27, 2012
That's an expert asnwer to an interesting question
David Chase Posted Mar 13, 2009
I've been fortunate to have known Bill...(William), since 1974, when he was with Mallory and Associates in La Jolla. I was very impressed with the body of his work, even then, and he has had a hand in every one of my residences since then. His talents and finesse have been appreciated by everyone who has visited my various homes in Houston, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, and Hawaii...If I'm given credit for the good taste seen in my homes, it should all be accorded to Mr. McWhorter. I'm sure Dick Van Dyke would agree with me, as would many others who've been lucky enough to have Bill design their environments over the years.
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