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Refreshing Pieces from Facundo Poj Design

Posted: Feb. 25th, 2009  |  By Carly Zinderman
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Home Decor: Miami-based designer Facundo Poj is taking his multi-discipline background to new levels with eco-friendly and architecturally forward furniture collection Facundo Poj Design.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Facundo studied Architecture school and also has Masters Degree in Urban Affairs and Environmental Problems. As a result, his handcrafted furniture designs are a complex combination of old and new environmentally friendly materials with a very innovative look.

Facundo Poj Design is a collection of environmentally friendly materials including Plyboo. Facundo explains, "I choose Plyboo as my medium because it is manufactured in large enough sheets, it is strong, durable, sexy looking and non toxic. Bamboo is also a fast growing grass and this helps prevent forest depletion."

The Plyboo takes on a sensuous feel because in Facundo's capable hands, it does not have the sharp lines and edges of most modern designs. Instead, it curves and rounds, giving it a simple, sophisticated and touchable appearance that stems from Facundo's unique design method. "I always start conceptualizing my pieces from a single line. Put the pencil down, give the paper a single stroke, pick the pencil up. I emulate the infinite freedom of the line of the snake. Structural strength, stability and ergonomics must all be solved with this one line; a minimal solution."

Another unique feature of Facundo Poj Design is the lack of nails and screws. Instead, Facundo uses a combination of non-toxic glues and oak dowels, before being clamp pressed to create sold pieces of furniture. Facundo describes his unique construction, "I do not use nails or screws. All layers are glued with a non-toxic glue, threaded together with oak dowels and clamp pressed. The result is structurally solid."

In addition to the Plyboo collection, which includes tables, like the curvaceous Athena Book Table, and chairs built for aesthetics as well as use, Facundo Poj Design also has a "re-incarnated" collection, made from things Facundo has rescued from junkyards.

Using unusual scraps from airplane parts, antique bathtubs, and other finds, Facundo finds use for historic objects in modern mediums that have been overlooked by conventional manufacturers.

One of his more creative pieces is the 727 jet lounge. The lounge chair utilizes 2 aluminum Boeing 727 emergency exit doors and other materials to create a modern, eco-friendly and completely unique piece of furniture.

Most recently, Facundo is adding a home accent collection to his online store, made of re-claimed cardboard and transformed into useful objets d'art for the home. Each piece of furniture in Facundo Poj design, whether it is made from Plyboo, found materials or other sources is built to last a lifetime, using advanced technologies to hold it together.

Facundo Poj Designs have been featured not only in art exhibits, but also at luxury events from brands like Louis Vuitton to Veuve Clicquot.

For LxM Carly Zinderman
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