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It's Tea Time

Posted: Mar. 16th, 2009  |  By Katherine Bond
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Home Decor: Is it me, a devoted lover of tea, or is tea about to have its "in" moment like grass fed beef, farm-to-table organic greens, and charming wine bars? Regardless, I'm set with my set of Bailey Doesn't Bark's Four Season teacups, four dainty 23K gold cups elegantly depicting the seasons. Designed by Brazil native Re Jin Lee, Bailey Doesn't Bark's modern wares are hand-painted but dishwasher and microwave safe, allowing me to host a London-level tea party without the agony of the cleanup. I love my Four Season Series, but I have a strong fondness for Lee's Postcup and Tea Bag Series, so delightful and unexpected with precise brush strokes yet unfussy feel. I'll be keeping my eye out for Bailey's Doesn't Bark's next series, perhaps depicting Bailey, Lee's dog who doesn't dare bark at her master's exquisite creations.

Katherine Sutton
Freelance Writer
JustLuxe Contributor

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