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A Haute Home with Lollipop Couture

Posted: May. 6th, 2009  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Home Decor: Drawing on inspiration from its bright and lively name, Lollipop Couture emphasizes bold design and customer satisfaction in the luxury market.

Lollipop Couture provides the design industry with an alternative to using the same manufacturers and reps all the time and hoping that they coordinate. Instead, Lollipop Couture can put designs on fabric, wallpaper, rugs, art for the walls and various other relics, ensuring satisfaction.

The company's President, David Messersmith has a bold vision for the future of Lollipop. After resigning his position s VP Sales and Marketing from a textile company, David opened Lollipop Couture with an on the future.

David says, "I went to an executive forum years ago and the CPO of Yahoo spoke and said don't be a Chicken Little, constantly yelling the sky is falling. That always stuck with me."

David's eye on the future means that he is already on the road to fulfilling his dream of overhauling the design industry, by emphasizing customer service and ease of ordering custom products, all from the same company.

At Lollipop Couture, design can choose from a wide selection of existing designs and modify it for a project's needs, or have one of the company's talented artists create a design just for your project. Either option takes the same cost and time that it does to order from several manufacturers.

Rather than having their own philosophy, Lollipop Couture's strong point is being able to find the perfect design for any project, whether it is a nightclub, hotel room or outdoor furniture. They are especially gifted at allowing luxury homeowners to express their own aesthetic through their unique designs that allow personality to come through, something lacking with off the shelf products.

Catherine Hill, one of Lollipop's artists, says, "It is fascinating how much just changing the color can alter a design. You can take a very elegant design appropriate for a formal parlor and by simply changing a color or two the same design works in a lively nightclub."

Not only does Lollipop Couture emphasize helping their customers and clients, they are also an environmentally and socially responsible company:

As often as possible, Lollipop Couture uses environmentally friendly products on every project, as well as takes on the administrative side of things to use low emission printers, recycled paper on everything including marketing materials, and recycle everything at the office.

Proceeds from every sale go to charity; helping the underprivileged children that David has an especial soft spot for. In addition, all of the firm's designs are named for children either in the family, or that David has personally interacted with on various missions, trips and institutions.

Lollipop's products are available both directly and through a designer and will soon be available at select exclusive boutiques.

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David Messersmith Posted May 08, 2009
Thanks so much to the team at Justluxe.com for writing this story on our company. If you would like to know more about us you can visit our website www.boldrelics.com or call 214-693-8538
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