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Posted: May. 11th, 2009  |  By Katherine Bond
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Home Decor: With the plethora of design and home remodel shows, we've all come to think interior design looks like a breezy pastime. But as any optimistic homeowner who's held a paint brush or wielded a hammer before knows, interior design is often best left to the pros. Short of hoping Ty Pennington is going to knock on the door, what's a luxe homeowner to do?

One accessible interior designer in San Diego with some national panache is Brandon Neff. From Better Homes and Gardens to appearances on NBC, Neff has proven to be niffy with rooms of any size and scope including kitchens, bathrooms, and workspaces. Need some pet friendly design tricks or a kitchen upgrade that won't send you into foreclosure? Neff delivers. A no frills approach to your office space or a bedroom upgrade that won't elevate your blood pressure because you just couldn't match the darn pillows with the backboard? Again, Neff comes in to calm. As a seasoned homeowner myself, I still need some patient direction and a pro who can run with my concept and make my interior design vision of unfold.

As Neff says, "Interior design is not curing cancer, nor solving the National debt or even helping to build your awkward child's self-esteem. Nope-it's about pretty."

Katherine Sutton
Freelance Writer
JustLuxe Contributor
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Anne G. Posted May 22, 2009
Brandon is a wonderfully innovative and artistic interior designer. He can do it all!
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