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Generate: Fridge Magnets Bring Art to the Kitchen

Posted: Feb. 2nd, 2010  |  By Carly Zinderman
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Home Décor: Fridge magnets don’t exactly conjure up images of luxury living, more like a messy lifestyle filled with kids pictures and emergency contact numbers. But these magnets for the refrigerator bring art to kitchen, not kitsch and clutter.

Motifo magnets from designer Peter Locke allow you to turn the front of the fridge into a mosaic work of art. Choose your color scheme, either warm colors or shades or gray, and get a collection of 1296 pieces that come with instructions to be arranged into six different designs, including pop icons, famous artworks and more. Once you tire of your design, simply rearrange the pieces for a whole new look.

Whatever your style and taste, motifo can be arranged to suit. Plus, they make a great conversation piece. You can find the clever detail magnets at Generate.

For JustLuxe Carly Zinderman
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