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Neon Trend Becoming More Popular in Home Decor

Posted: Feb. 16th, 2010  |  By Carly Zinderman
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Home Decor: The eighties have been gradually making their way back for some time now, but the newest retro trend is neon.

This season, neon has begun to step off the runway and into the home décor arena. Elle Décor recommends using neon as a way to brighten up the gray shades of winter.

Neon is so crazy bright that it should be used in the home as it is in fashion: minimally and in small doses. Just as you would tone down a Michael Kors neon dress with neutral accessories, or use a neon clutch to spice up a classic ensemble, use neon in the home sparingly with a fun chair or lamp here or there, but never together.

The neon trend isn't for every home, so proceed with caution. One of Elle Décor's recommendations is this Ice acrylic chair by Archirivolto for Calligaris.
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