Made Goods Offers Fine Mirrors for Fine Interiors

Home Decor: No luxury home is complete without an elegant mirror to complement the décor. Made Goods is a company dedicated to providing the perfect mirror for any décor.

Three collections are available to help enliven interiors. Choosing from each collection's use of materials gives each mirror a unique sensibility. Anyone who has ever tried to find the perfect mirror knows that it is a difficult to task to find one that compliments the space and is a focal point, without outshining the other pieces of the room. Because of the wide variety of shapes and sizes in each collection, Made Goods has created a mirror for any space.

The Modern Collection utilizes shapes and materials to create outstanding focal points. Each mirror of the collection is a celebration of details, whether it is grain choice, color balancing, texture variety and finishing or color and shape. My favorite from this collection is Farah, with a collection of branches that radiate out from the brand's center. Because of the lacquer technique, the branches aren't a bright shade of gold, but rather a warm brown tone that remains shiny.

The Romantic Statements Collection is as mystical as romance itself. The collection uses embroidery, etching and carving to emphasize the company's vision of romance. Andre stands out from the collection, as it is simplistic yet unusual in its use of the semi-precious Lapis Lazuli stone which frames the mirror. The bold color and straight shape of the frame help it stand out, while the contrasting cream scroll adds a touch of romance.

The Global Explorations collection utilizes materials from all art fields, from jewelry to architecture as well as materials. Weaving techniques and Asian and African influences also abound in the collection, which celebrates traditional craftsmanship techniques into new designs. Idoya is a Louis Philippe style mirror that uses antique and oxidation techniques to make it totally unique. The final touch is the reflected floral design that really makes the mirror more of a focal point than a functional mirror.

Made Goods can also craft specific sizes, driving their mirrors beyond function into designs inspired by nature and romance and more.

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