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A Timely Gift from Richard Mille

Posted: Dec. 11th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Watches: Richard Mille has wonderful gift solutions when the plan involves buying for two. For the couple inextricably linked, Richard Mille offers limited-edition wristwatches of extraordinary quality for both sexes that are appreciatively masculine and feminine, respectively. Let's add a femme twist to chivalry and begin with the men's item.

The RM O12 is a precedent setter in that it is the first timepiece where the watch's base plate movement and bridges are united by a tubular structure, enhancing the overall durability and fluid functionality of the wristwatch. It has a platinum case, and its inner mechanisms are made with an aluminum alloy that minimizes vibrations and its resistance to corrosion. The limited-edition RM 012s are engraved and numbered.

For the ladies, Richard Mille's RM 007 is a spectacular bejeweled wristwatch of uncompromising beautiful with its full-set of diamonds and gold case. The inner mechanisms of the RM 007, as well as any Richard Mille offering, are flawlessly efficient. The crown is available in red or white gold, and the bracelet has three variants. It is made of fine leather, crocodile or a highly reinforced fabric that is produced by Ryton, a firm renowned for its plastic composites.

The website of Richard Mille presents an extraordinary array of magnificent wristwatches. Westime, which has stores in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, is among the prestigious jewelers proudly carrying the stunning collection of wristwatches of Richard Mille. A complete list of retail sources is on the website of Richard Mille.

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