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Breitling for Bentley: "Six" Appeal

Posted: Apr. 9th, 2007  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Watches: The Breitling for Bentley collection began as a tribute to the esteemed automaker. However, it really is a testimony to the passion for precision that succinctly defines both organizations. It is a natural pairing, as each firm has established its pedigree of uncompromising excellence in all their efforts. Each on more than one occasion has produced quintessential products regarded as industry-wide benchmarks of excellence, such as Bentley's R-type Continental and Breitling's Navitimer. The collection consists of six limited-edition wristwatches that capture the brilliance of Bentley's essence.

The Flying B is an inspired, rectangular-designed watch, which has Bentley's famous "winged-B" logo on its back. It is offered in red and white gold as well as steel, and comes in a crocodile leather stitched strap or a bracelet. The Bentley GT, like its namesake, is compact, sporty and provides the day and date in a configuration reminiscent of the GT's classical dashboard. The Mulliner Perpetual honors Bentley's bespoke coach-building division named after H. J. Mulliner. The wristwatch is offered in platinum, yellow, rose, and white gold. Buyers may choose the type of case, the dial color, the veneer of the wood decoration on watch's back, and the shade of the crocodile-leather strap. The Bentley 6.75 is named after the 6.75-liter engine that drives the luxurious Arnage, and the Bentley Motors, which is a chronograph watch utilizing technology Breitling patented in 1926.

All of the Breitling for Bentley collection watches feature a variable tachometer, which can be used like a slide rule to measure average speed by rotating the watches' bezel. The watches do a full rotation in 30 seconds instead of the standard 60 seconds to provide exacting measurements in fractions of seconds. Additionally, the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute has certified most of the timepieces.

For LxM James Rothaar

Company: Breitling
Business: Watchmakers; wristwatches; timepieces
Location: Canton of Jura - Switzerland
Web site: www.breitlingforbentley.com
Contact: See Web site for authorized dealers
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