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Cartier: For the LOVE of All

Posted: Apr. 17th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Cartier Profile: Cartier is a prestigious brand that is recognized worldwide for its brilliant artistry displayed in its collections of fine jewelry, timepieces, and accessories. Since the turn of the twentieth century when the company moved to 13 rue de la Paix and put platinum and diamonds together, the Paris-based firm has retained a revered status in the upper echelons by consistently producing superior quality merchandise. Cartier is part of the most elite group of watchmakers having received a Geneva Seal from the Salon International de Haute Hologerie. The seal is the most prestigious official distinction in the watch-making industry.

Cartier's legacy as a watchmaker and a jeweler is enhanced richly by its generous contributions to the art community and charities around the world. The organization relishes its dual role as both a contributor to and a patron of the arts and humanity. The Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Arts has given many emerging artists a forum for their development. The Cartier Women's Initiative Awards are issued annually to five female entrepreneurs in Africa, America, Antarctica, Asia, and Europe. The policies, practices, and principles of the avant-garde jeweler have served as an inspiration to prompt exemplary corporate citizenship among a denizen of likeminded companies.

LOVE Collection Makes Connection!
The Cartier LOVE collection, which began in the 1970s, goes beyond the actual items that make up the collection. It embodies the spirit of love with its ongoing efforts to align the emotion with the product line. For each sale a LOVE Charity Bracelet, Cartier donates a percentage of the sales to notable charities and causes throughout the world. The LOVE collection even has a holiday. Since June 8, 2006, Cartier has donated 10 percent of its boutique sales from LOVE to charities every June 8.

Cartier's LOVE story is an ever-evolving process. The supporting Web site offers those who love LOVE a portal that presents the entire collection, short films on love, and a gallery of emotionally evocative love stories. It is amazing how Cartier is able to generate a world within a planet.

While LOVE alone may not conquer all that ails Earth, it definitively offers an alternative view worth embracing. And that's something you have got to love!

For LxM James Rothaar
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