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ARMREVOLUTION: The Missing Links

Posted: Sep. 22nd, 2008  |  By James Rothaar
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Men's Fashion: Cufflinks, the accessory that was at one time an absolute wardrobe necessity, is back and stronger than ever. Cufflinks are on-trend and, once again, making a fashion statement that is a proclamation of the wearer's elegance, refinement and sophistication. ARMREVOLUTION cufflinks are necessary accessories for men living the luxury lifestyle, an essential in haberdashery for thoroughbred clotheshorses.

The ARMREVOLUTION is a movement with momentum that has gentlemen worldwide extending their arms in a celebratory gesture -- or simply showing off their newfound upper-echelon symbols of status. With bravado and fanfare, these incredible cufflinks are showing up at formal affairs, business meetings, and casual settings too.

The fashionable rebirth of the links of distinction is brought to fruition ever so stylishly with designs that are classic, contemporary, and futuristic from the Perpetual Series by ARMREVOLUTION. The Perpetual Series presents a collection of six geometrically intriguing designs cut from premium Japanese steel. Each pair comes with a reusable magnetic acrylic box and a travelling case.

Ownership definitely has its privileges. A unique identification number is engraved in each pair of ARMREVOLUTION cufflinks that provides an owner with special perks, such as invitations to exclusive engagements and special events upon registering his cufflinks online.

ARMREVOLUTION cufflinks are available at the Couture Lab, an online luxury-lifestyle emporium that features the finest selections for men, women, and children of discerning tastes. Discover the dazzling array of high-end gifts at www.couturelab.com.

For LxM James Rothaar
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