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Bamford Custom Rolex Daytona to Match Your Classic Ferrari

Posted: Nov. 20th, 2008  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Watches: Luxury British men's outfitter Bamford & Sons has released a new limited edition custom Rolex Daytona with a red dial designed to match the paint on a classic vintage Ferrari. The watch is treated with a military grade, scratch proof PVD coating over the stainless steel case and bracelet for a truly unique timepiece. Only 25 examples are being produced at a price of $23,000 each, available by special order from Bamford's London flagship in Sloane Square.

Bamford has perfected the PVD coating and adopted it as a signature style for their range of customized Rolexes. It began as a basic blackening process and has since been enhanced along the way by a number of various "secret" formulae unique to Bamford.

"At inception, my passion for the range was generated by a love of engineering excellence and innovation," says George Bamford, director of the company's Watch Department. "This was further influenced by our client's requests for timepieces that were both individual yet highly collectible and above all, exclusive."

In addition to the unique Daytona, Bamford is now offering customers a bespoke dial color matching and customization service on Rolex Submariner, GMT, Explorer II, Sea Dweller and Milgauss models, should you for instance require a watch to match your classic British Racing Green Jaguar E-Type.

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tim india Posted Nov 24, 2008
did you know that they have done a website and very cool www.bamfordwatchdepartment.com/ you can customize a sub to any color you like (well they have only a few but so cool) wow these guy are doing some funky stuff with a great watch and to match your own watch to your car so cool
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