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Audi Celebrates its 100th Year

Posted: Mar. 26th, 2009  |  By Andrew Christian
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Watches: It has been a long tradition among carmakers to celebrate their anniversaries with a timepiece that is representative of the years leading up to the event. So, Audi is celebrating its 100th year anniversary with a special watch created in partnership with Chronoswiss. The watch is dubbed "Tachoscope" and it highlights Audi Design exterior with a precision C. 125 caliber mechanism and a few unique functions. Only the minute hand is connected to the dial's center. Two individual inset dials work as the hour and second hands, providing extra space for the stop-watch and tachometer functions of the timepiece. This timepiece does not only measure time, but also speed, an appropriate representation of Audi.

The timepiece is not the only functional, but also a grand artwork. The device is coated with real enamel and the numbers are inspired by the iconic Audi-designed Auto Union race cars of the 30s, particularly the Type C Grand Prix car, offering the Tachocope a definitely automotive elegance. The crown of the timepiece is made to look like a gearwheel, with a see-through back offering a view of the mechanisms inside when the watch is not in use.

The anniversary is engraved and is visible through the glass casing. There will be a limited 100 timepieces to be built, each representing a year in the 100-year anniversary. Sixty-five of these watches will be done in white gold while the remaining 35 in platinum. The white gold version will fetch €14,900 ($20,100+) and the more precious platinum models will come with a €24,900 Euro ($33,700) sticker price.

Andrew Christian
JustLuxe Contributor
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