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Oris Watches: New ProDiver Chronograph

Posted: Aug. 7th, 2009  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Watches: For over 100 years, Oris has been producing timepieces at the forefront of design and movement technology. Getting its roots in Switzerland, founders Hölstein Paul Cattin and Georges Christian established the brand in 1904 with only 24 workmen. Since then, Oris has become synonymous with luxurious design, high-functionality and top-tier craftsmanship.

Their latest piece is a member of the Diving collection, a group of watches dedicated to functioning superbly at great depths and under the extreme conditions of the ocean. The super-sized, superbly designed Oris ProDiver Chronograph will change the way you look at diving equipment. By collaborating with professional offshore divers, Oris was afforded an in-depth understanding of the needs of divers, delivering the consumer the latest and best in diving chronograph technology.

An automatic, built-in, self-regulating helium valve is ideal for divers that are doing their jobs in deep-sea conditions. With the black DLC coated side safety barrier, the crown and chronograph pushers are protected, allowing them to be screwed to the case. This ensures that the ProDiver is water resistant up to depths of 1000 meters.

Oris's ProDiver Chronograph pushes the envelope to where design meets functionality. Its 51mm diameter case is topped off with the rotating top ring with a specially designed grip made of durable, shock resistant, vulcanized rubber that must be lifted before it can be turned, providing stable grip as well as offering twice the protection of a standard diver's safety bezel.

In addition to accurate dive timing provided by the 25 jewel automatic movement, the luminous indices and hands are coated with Superluminova, making them ultra visible, even at depths with little to no natural sunlight.

For JustLuxe Kate Prihoda
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