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Newest Watch Designs From Philip Stein

Posted: Sep. 6th, 2009  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Watches: The world of elite watch design has been changed dramatically by the innovation of one brand: Philip Stein. Since the introduction of Natural Frequency Technology, the company has skyrocketed to the top of the list of most preferred, luxury watch brands and, this summer, two new spectacular designs will be released for sale: the Special Edition Titanium Chronograph for men and the Cocktail Watch for women.

By integrating two fields, the world of luxury timepieces and mind and body wellness, Philip Stein has done what no other luxury watch brand has. Embedded with Natural Frequency Technology, the pieces not only make you look good, but feel good as well.

In 2003, Philip Stein introduced Electromagnetic Frequency Technology that utilizes electromagnetic fields, and just last year in 2008, Natural Frequency Technology was introduced. Both technologies work within the same beneficial key frequency of 7-9 hertz and are offered in their best-selling timepieces.

With this rare innovation, the watch industry has been forever altered, as well as changing the way people actually feel about time. Their Natural Frequency Technolgy utilizes a metal disk, infused with key frequencies that are then exposed to the wearer. By emitting a frequency at 7-9 hertz, what physicists believe to be natural to the earth, your body is being exposed to a balancing frequency, informing the body to relax. Wearers have reported better sleep, less stress and clearer focus, leading many scientists to believe the human body needs this frequency to reach optimal health.

True to Philip Stein's "All In One" philosophy, the brand has released its exclusive and sleek designs. The two sophisticated timepieces, the Special Edition Titanium Chronograph for me and the Cocktail Watch for women, Philip Stein continues its reach into the elite community.

As the company's first foray into the titanium genre, the Special Edition Titanium Chronograph will not disappoint. As the lighter alternative to steel, the watch fits comfortably on the wrist with its "stay-flat" curved body and oversized face. Its black dial is contrasted by white and orange details, all covered by a spherical sapphire glass.

For the ladies is the stunning Cocktail Watch. Both elegant and feminine, the timepiece is the company's smallest to date. The sleek and delicate lines of the watch are accentuated by the luxurious dial. The Cocktail Watch features pave diamond and mother of pearl dials in semi and full pave diamond cases. With your choice between satin and silk straps, everything about the Cocktail Watch is extravagant from case to clasp.

In addition to these new designs is the introduction of the interchangeable strap program at Baselworld this year by Philip Stein. Customers are now presented with straps in a wide array of textures and colors. With five collections of textured and embossed straps, a limited edition hand painted crocodile skin and an exotic Teju Lizard strap, the watches can transition from everyday wear to a pivotal evening accessory.

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