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Patek Philippe Updates Signature Timepiece Collection

Posted: Sep. 12th, 2009  |  By JustLuxe Team
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News & Trends: As the signature design of the brand, it makes sense that Patek Philippe would reinvent the Calatrava line, time and time again, to include contemporary technology, whilst maintaining the basic style ethics that made the line what it is today.

The sleek, clean lines of Patek Philippe's officer watches are timeless and classic while remaining relevant to today's world of watch making. Due to Patek Philippe's incredible ability to maintain their rigid, self-imposed quality standards and a knack for raising the bar, a Calatrava officer's watch will never go out of style.

As the latest interpretation of Calatrava history and tradition, the Ref. 5153 reminds us what an expertly crafted timepiece looks like. From the rounded bezel in the front to the sapphire window in the case back, no detail has gone overlooked.

Beginning with the face of the watch, the Ref. 5153 catches the eye with a silvery opaline dial featuring a hand-guilloched sunburst pattern in the center, with the small golden cartouche which displays the arched Patek Philippe Geneve signature in black.

Accenting the smooth white of the dial are the faceted, arrow-shaped hour markers and the two crisp Dauphine hands in gold, with the large date aperture at 3 o'clock. Surrounding all of this are the subtle and meticulously placed small gilt minute pearls.

Behind the beautiful dial and mirror-polished, rounded bezel is the 29-jewel, self-winding mechanical movement. 213 parts make up the Caliber 324 S C and give the wearer the reliability of a 45-hour power reserve. The movement is visible through the screwed case back with the sapphire window when the hinged cover is open.

The unparalleled craftsmanship exhibited by the brand for decades has set it far above the rest in the industry, and it is easy to see why upon inspection of a piece. Immaculate dials, seamlessly integrated parts and a finely tuned, powerful movement all combine in their masterpieces, making Patek Philippe popular to critics, coveted by collectors and cherished by owners.

For Kate Prihoda
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