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Bell & Ross Reinvents 1940s Style

Posted: Sep. 14th, 2009  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Watches: Although Bell & Ross is a relatively young brand, you would not be able to guess it from their exceptionally designed timepieces. The expertly engineered movements paired with the simplistic cases and dials speak to the brand's knowledge that lies beyond their years.

Standing as the tried and true icon of the brand is the Instrument collection. These watches have been aligned with their four fundamental principles: legibility, functionality, precision and reliability. New to the collection this year is the Instrument BR Heritage, which revives the spirit of the collection and brings it into the 21st century.

The aeronautical feel of the watch is not accidental: the square-shaped case and round bezel take their inspiration directly from aircraft cockpit instrument panels and honors the brand's official induction as an official supplier to the French Air Force.

Its striking visual impact sets the Instrument BR Heritage apart from other classic styles while recalling the distinct details of 1940s aircraft instruments. The unique combination of modern design techniques and vintage style elements brings the timepiece into the modern age while recalling a look of the past.

Sand colored indexes and numerals play off the natural leather strap, printed with the Bell & Ross name and emblem. The dramatic black case, bezel and dial are all constructed from glass bead blasted steel, finished with a carbon powder coating.

Bell & Ross came onto the scene with a team of designers and specialists of aircraft and space controls at the helm, ready to put their project into motion: creating timepieces perfectly suited to professional use. It is the execution of this intention that has made each of the brand's timepieces both unique in the field and immensely popular.

While Bell & Ross has the professional in mind at the outset of all their designs, the aesthetics of their collections make them perfect for any man looking to augment his wardrobe with a reliable and distinct accessory.

For JustLuxe Kate Prihoda
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