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The Sleek and Modern Designs of Swiss Timepiece Manufacturer Alfex

Posted: Nov. 4th, 2009  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fine Watches: Having won more international awards for its design innovation than any other watchmaker, Alfex has stood by its rigid design standards for more than 60 years. Their four new timepieces stand out not only in Alfex's arsenal of designs, but the competitive watch manufacture industry as well, as daring concepts and striking finished pieces.

Alfex's dedication to pure design aesthetic remains one of the most sought-after in the field, constantly creating pieces that execute an unconventional partnership between innovative design and cutting edge technology. The new designs added to their collections this year at Baselworld were no exception. From organic shapes to gravity-defying lines, Alfex has broadened their horizons in both men's and women's design.

Three new pieces were added to the already-existing New Structures collection for women, each featuring boldly definitive themes and Alfex's signature sleek and polished look.

First of the three new designs added to the already-existing New Structures collection for women is Bubble, designed by Georg Plum. The timepiece puts a new spin on the popular watchband of stainless steel links, and turns the traditionally rectangular components into smooth, barely-touching bubbles. The width of the watchcase aligns with the width of the bracelet, creating one continuous, elegant line.

Also from Georg Plum is the Plié; aptly named after one of the most basic elements of ballet choreography. In classic dance, the plié is the basis for all action: without it, there would be no movement. The structures framing the slightly curved, rectangular case reflect the posture taken in a plié and create the eye-catching supports for the classic white dial.

As was a trend at Baselworld this year, Alfex also reinvented an already incredibly successful timepiece: the Curls. It is a logical reworking of the pioneer model, where the smooth, curved filigree spokes now narrow when moving away from the dial and toward the wrist, the opposite of the original timepiece. The elongated, rectangular watchcase is both lavish and reserved. With very small minutes and hour hands, you nearly forget that it is a watch and not just a piece of jewelry.

Even though Alfex focused on their ladies' collections at Baselworld this year, men will not be disappointed by the new piece added to the Big Line collection. Constantly living up to its prestigious reputation, Alfex has once again executed a design the world of timepieces has never seen the likes of before. The Black Light 5624 is presented as the first wristwatch in the world with a three-dimensional dial. The indices are made of angular, transparent sapphire glass and are not fitted onto the dial, but raised just above it so the hour, minutes and seconds hands can travel beneath them. With the rest of the watch in dramatic matte black, the sapphire glass hour markers stand out and make a high graphic impact.

Alfex has always had a strong dedication to overall design aesthetic and has seen endless acclaim for their portfolio of work. As we approach the end of 2009, all eyes are turned ahead to Baselworld 2010 to see what the greats, like Alfex, have in store for the design and movement industry. After such a successful year for timepiece innovation, it's hard to imagine it possibly getting any better.

For JustLuxe Kate Prihoda
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