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Race Car Driver Stefan Johansson Launches Watch Company

Posted: Dec. 8th, 2009  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Fine Watches: When 0.001 of a second makes all the difference in the world, "Right on Time" takes on a whole new meaning, especially if you are world famous race car diver turned luxury watch designer Stefan Johansson.

Stefan Johansson has spent the thirty plus years racing around the world for Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Audi and Acura. He has won both the 1997 12 hours of Sebring twice (Porsche, Ferrari) and the 24 Hours of Le Mans (Porsche).

Stefan Johansson Vaxjo watches are all designed with the company’s core beliefs: Integrity, Passion and Focus to make sure that the customer is always happy. To do so, not only is each collection of watches made with the finest materials, they also all come with a guarantee of authenticity, including a branded SJ mark and engraved serial number. Watches can also be customized with the customer’s name and other added options. To ensure the highest quality and customer satisfaction, each watch is tested for optimal performance and durability.

In keeping with his racing lifestyle, SJV watches also include a range of limited edition designed by Stefan exclusively for Patron to celebrate Patron's entry into the American Lemans Series as a sponsor of the Highcroft Acura Team in 2007. The company also has plans for other limited editions watches.

Stefan Johansson Vaxjo watches can be custom designed and are priced from $6,500 to $25,000. The company has plans for the future to expand into fragrance, optics, luggage and other accessories.

For JustLuxe Carly Zinderman
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