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Rolex Distinctly Wears It Well

Posted: May. 9th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Watches: Acceptation that Rolex is more than an elite maker of timepieces is commonplace. Its nomenclature is oft used as a synonym to describe excellence, brilliance, first-rate, superiority, distinction, or quality. Suffice it to say that most luxury, upscale horologists would welcome comparisons. Rolex wears the diadem of the industry with panache and ornate gracefulness.

Beyond its history, it is evident that the firm strives to maintain its exalted level with its current direction of business activities, such as upgrading the Oyster Perpetual collection. However, Rolex's past is quite noteworthy. With that in mind, the entire line of masterpiece wristwatches, including the seven variants of the Cellini collection and the seven offerings of the Oyster Professional, is being reworked to ensure that quality and craftsmanship remain second to none.

The world of Rolex extends beyond its products, as the organization is actively involved in sponsoring recognized events in arts and sports. The U.S. Open Classic, the Kentucky Derby, the Daytona 500, and the Sardina and Giraglia Rolex Cups are a few of the sports affairs to which the firm actively participates. Rolex is also a patron to the arts supporting musical efforts and museum tours, including Operalia and the Ashes and Snow project by Canadian photographer Gregory Colbert.

The Rolex Awards for Enterprise are the most impressive philanthropic gesture proffered. The awards are centered on achievements in science, technology, exploration, environmental issues, and cultural heritage. Visit the company's website and read about the humanitarian heroism of this year's recipients, Lonnie Dupre, Claudia Feh, Teresa Manera, David Lordkipandize, and Kikuo Morimoto.

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