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La Do?a de Cartier Collection 'Crocs'!

Posted: Sep. 13th, 2006  |  By JustLuxe Team
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Luxury Jewelry: La Do?a de Cartier is among the most recent collections released by Cartier, the renowned French jeweler, watchmaker, and fashion magnate. The lavish collection spurred by crocodiles includes wristwatches, jewelry, leather goods, and accessories. Accessories include limited edition writing instruments, a ballpoint and a roller pen, with only 1,847 of each produced and individually numbered. There also are sterling silver cufflinks for men, a gold-plated travel clock, a lighter and a money clip with gold finishes, and a porcelain trinket tray with gold décor. Perhaps the most stunning accessory of La Do?a de Cartier collection is the individually numbered, limited edition, 18-cart gold Crocodiles des Cartier fountain pen. Only 888 were produced. Leather goods consist of ladies' purses and come in three colors.

The wristwatches of the La Do?a de Cartier have a dozen offerings. There are two sizes, small and large, and both sizes have octagonal frames with a single diamond on the case; the 18k gold watches comes in yellow, white, and pink gold; and the faceplates of both the large and small models are offered with or without round-cut diamond frames. The jewelry consists of a dazzling array of rings, chains and earrings of white, yellow and pink 18k gold.

The reptilian-styled jewelry and accessories of La Do?a de Cartier collection are sure to get snapped up quickly by fashion-loving mammals. The "crocodile" rocks, watches, and accessories will be available this holiday season.

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Lara Posted Sep 28, 2008
You left our a very important piece on information in your review... What the collection means and whom it is tributing... Mexican actress Maria Felix, who on several occasions. commissioned Cartier to design one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces of snakes, crocodiles, etc... La Dona de Cartier is a posthumous tribute to this actress who was known to all as La Dona, from a film based on the book by Romulo Gallegos, Dona Barbara... Shame on you! If you are going to comment on such an important designer do your research sir!
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